Makeup I Forgot I Loved…

Since I have a pretty vast collection of makeup, it’s really easy for products to get lost in the shuffle! I put them away for a while, and then rediscover how much I love them–which is fun. So today, I thought I would share with you all a few items that I’ve stumbled across in my collection lately that I forgot how much I loved! Let’s get started…


I’ve never been one to want to drop a ton of money on a good face powder! There are plenty of great ones at the drugstore. For the past couple months I had been using my elf Color Correcting Powder, but then I decided to take a break from it and come back to my No7 Cosmetics Perfect Light Translucent Loose Powder. This stuff is awesome!

If you tend to be a little oily like me, you need this loose powder in your life! I use it to set my foundation, which helps it stay in place all day long. It is so finely milled, and doesn’t leave a white cast. I especially concentrate this powder on my T-Zone. Plus, the packaging is really elegant and sturdy, as if it is more expensive. Yet, it has a drugstore price!

No7 isn’t as bright and shiny as other makeup brands, but I highly recommend checking them out. They have really practical yet pretty items! {$13; Target}


The L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation has been a staple in my beauty collection since I discovered it two years ago. For a long time, I mixed it with the Maybelline Matte + Poreless Foundation for the perfect demi-matte finish! That is still one of my favorite tricks, but I recently rediscovered how pretty this foundation is on its own.

This foundation truly gives you just the right amount of a glow. You look radiant and not greasy! Plus, the formula is very light and breathable, so there’s no need to worry about breakouts. I am almost on my fourth tube of Pro-Glow; it is one of the best drugstore foundations IMO. {$11; Target}


Another product from L’Oreal that I love are the Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Lipsticks.  I have the shade Cowboy, which is a 90s-like milk chocolate color. This type of shade tends to make people weary, but it’s actually an easy, neutral color to wear!

It is a similar dupe to my all-time favorite liquid lipstick, Kat Von D’s Lolita. The texture is light and smooth, like suede. Plus, the staying power is impressive! I would say it lasts three to four hours. You don’t have to drop a ton of money for a good liquid lipstick; this line is worth checking out. 🙂 {$10; Ulta}


The Benefit Hervana Powder Blush will always hold a special place in my heart. It is the first high-end blush I ever purchased, nearly six years ago. Since then, my blush collection has grown greatly, but Hervana has always remained.

Recently, I was reminded just how GORGEOUS Hervana actually is. In the pan, you see a swirl of four shades: a whitish-pink, a peachy-pink, a mauve and a purple color. There is an ever-so-slight sheen across the entire blush. When I swirl my blush brush in the compact and apply to my cheeks, the most FLATTERING shade of pink is deposited. And don’t worry, you don’t even see the sheen.

If blush makes you nervous, purchase Hervana. Trust me, it is worth the $30 price tag. It makes you look so glowy and fresh and awake. I seriously pray that Hervana is never discontinued. If so, I will write Benefit! You NEED this blush. It is so pretty. I’ve run out of adjectives so I’ll just stop there…  {$29;}



NIGHTTIME Skincare Routine | Spring 2018

Hi friends!

As I was contemplating another makeup-focused post to write, I realized it’s been a while since I last discussed my nighttime skincare routine! I am blessed to not have any major complexion issues, so if you are looking for a fast and easy regimen, definitely keep on reading. I am really excited about and love each one of these products. Let’s get started!

C L E A N S E  + M O I S T U R I Z E 


Cleansing Sticks are a fairly new trend on the market! For those of you who don’t know, it is basically a solid facial cleanser that comes in a twist-up tube. I recently traveled to D.C. and wanted a cleanser that wouldn’t spill in my suitcase, so naturally I picked up this St. Ives Matcha Green Tea + Ginger Cleansing Stick. 

At first, I was a little reluctant to try; I was afraid the coconut oil in the cleanser would break me out or make me feel greasy. However, I was pleasantly surprised! This cleanser works into a nice lather when applied to my face. The wind was intense in DC; I was afraid my skin would become dry and flaky. But I really think this cleansing stick kept my face nice and lightly moisturized while cleansed!

I will definitely continue to use this. To keep bacteria from harboring, I spray it with hydrogen peroxide, rinse well, and wipe the cleansing stick off with a towel. I’ve been using it morning by itself and at night with my Clarisonic Mia 2. So far so good!  {$8;}


I like to keep my moisturizer as simple as possible! For the past couple months I’ve been using the Simple Water Boost Hydrating Gel Cream. I received this for free as part of an Influenster VoxBox, and I would purchase this moisturizer on my own! It reminds me of a more affordable version of the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel Cream. It has the exact same texture!

This moisturizer has a very light, hydrating texture. It sinks right into my skin, leaving soft and lightly moisturized! It’s not the least bit heavy or greasy. I love it! {$10;}


When I’m not too lazy to show my skin a little extra love, I’ll do a mask and apply acne treatment! One of my favorite Masks is the SkinFood Egg White Pore Hot Steam Pack. I got this from Ulta months ago! It has a grainy texture, which is great for exfoliation. When you apply it to your face, you’ll notice a warming sensation. I leave this on for about five minutes. When I rinse, my skin is super smooth and soft! {$13;}


The GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment is technically a mud mask, but I use it as a spot treatment for my blemishes. I usually leave it on overnight. When I wake up, my blemish is significantly smaller and un-swollen. I received a free deluxe sample of this, but I would consider buying the $25 travel size. It truly does work like a charm! The SuperMud Clearing Treatment is a MUST-HAVE for anyone who deals with breakouts. {$25 for travel size;}

 H A N D S


Because I have Cerebral Palsy and use a walker and wheelchair to navigate the world, my hands are at work all day long. Pushing me in my wheelchair, gripping onto my walker, etc. Between that and battling the harsh elements and trying to resist getting sick, my hands are dried out by the end of the day.

To combat the dryness, I use either the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream or Nucifera The Balm. Both of these products are unbelievably effective moisturizers!

The FAB cream has a lightly whipped texture. It is fragrance free and fast absorbing. I’ve also used this on my lips and face when they are really chapped. I’m also on my second container. This stuff is just so good! {$30 for 6 oz.;}


Nucifera Balm is chocked full of butters and oils, so it has a much more emollient texture. It’s greasy–but in a GOOD way! I consider this more of a treatment than a typical balm. I apply it before I go to sleep; my hands are so soft in the morning!  {$20;}



I am a true lip balm hoarder and have a vast collection on my nightstand, but lately I’ve been reaching for the Fresh Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm. If you want literal silk on your lips, purchase this lip balm! The texture is light and creamy, hence the caramel-like feel. The product itself smells like roses, which is nice but it would’ve been cool if it had a warm, caramel-y scent to match the texture!

Nonetheless, this balm is so luxurious and effective.  {18;}


I hope you all enjoyed this post! What are your nighttime skincare must-haves? I would love to know!


The *Longest Lasting* Lip Color at the Drugstore Is…

Hi friends!

Today I thought I would talk about one of my MOST FAVORITE items at the drugstore. You may think you have to spend a pretty penny at Sephora for a comfortable, long-lasting lip color–at least, that’s what I thought. Until I discovered these gems…


Let me tell you about these Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Lip Colors! They for sure give high-end liquid lipsticks a run for their money. The formula is quite unique; at first glance, I assumed that it was a traditional liquid lipstick that dries down completely. But, I noticed that these have a creamy, satin-like finish (similar to the ColourPop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipsticks).

Since they are completely non-drying, that means they are a little bit on the tacky side. Don’t let that scare you away; the formula just retains your natural moisture. These don’t crack and dry like traditional liquid lipsticks. In fact, they stay in place for hours. NO LIE!!


Here we have the shade Ruler. It may look reddish in the picture, but it is actually a rich, raspberry color. It’s bold but not too “out there,” if you know what I mean. One layer evenly coats your lips. I suggest only sticking with a single later of Ruler; if you over-apply, it will smudge a bit. That being said, it is a gorgeous color. Suitable for both warm and cold months!


Next, we have Lover. This is the first shade I ever tried; I received it for free as part of an Influenster VoxBox. I would describe Lover as a mid-toned pink; not too bold or too light. I was really struck by the staying power; this shade honest to goodness lasts ALL day on me. I have to use micellar water to take it off. It’s just one of those universally flattering, every day pinks. Really pretty!


Lastly, we have Seductress, a beige, pinky nude. This shade is perfect for when you want to wear a more bold eye look. It is a natural, nude color that doesn’t wash me out. I would say it lasts a good four hours (and through a meal) before I have to lightly touch up!


From top: Ruler / Lover / Seductress

Just a couple more things: these liquid lipsticks have a very precise, easy-to-use applicator; it’s like a spongy, pointed doe foot. The product adheres to the applicator really well, which is nice so I don’t get it all over my face.

Another thing: these do have a very light chemically smell to them. But don’t worry, it’s not too strong!

And finally, for the longest staying power, I recommend that you apply these to clean, dry lips; like after you brush your teeth. I also give these 30 minutes to an hour to set before I eat or drink anything. The wait is worth it; these don’t budge!


The Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Lip Colors retail for $9.49 on You may be able to find them a couple dollars cheaper at Walmart or Target. 


These liquid lipsticks have an impressive shade range, too. If you have tried these, let me know which shades you have. I can’t wait to buy more!


My Favorite Things | February 2018

Hello friends!

After a busy few weeks, I finally have time to talk about my favorites for the month of February. It sure has flown by, but I sure have stumbled upon some gems  that I hope you’ll love as much as I do. Let’s get started!



For the past few years, GlamGlow has been a frontrunner in the skincare world. To be honest, I always shied away from this brand because they cost a pretty penny! For my birthday gift at Sephora, I received a mini set that included this SuperMud Clearing Treatment and a moisturizer. Nonetheless, I was so excited to finally get to try something from this line…

And OH. MY. GOODNESS. This mask is incredible! I have been using it as a spot treatment for the past couple of weeks. I put a small about of the SuperMud on a blemish, and by morning, it is no longer swollen and has significantly shrunk.  It’s been a long time since I found a spot treatment this effective.

For now, I will enjoy this baby tube of the SuperMud Clearing Treatment. When I run out, I will seriously consider purchasing. There’s no better feeling than finding a spot treatment that works. Even if you were to invest in the travel or full size, I think it would be totally worth it. I am truly amazed each time I use this. If you have frequent or occasional breakouts–or simply want clear, purified skin, I strongly suggest trying the GlamGlow SuperMud Treatment. {$25 for travel size;}

H A I R 


Back in September, I got my hair bobbed off and haven’t looked back! It’s just SO much easier to manage. When my hair was longer, it would get tangled and stringy very easily. I was more than ready for a change!

I have never been one that is good at styling my hair. Me and hot tools just don’t get along! Therefore, I’m always on the hunt for an easy hair fix. Enter Wella EIMI Extra Volume Mousse. This stuff has truly been a lifesaver for me! In the past I used creams to achieve that beachy hair look. No matter how “light” the cream claimed to be, I found that it always weighed my fine hair down, making it look greasy.

This mousse is the real deal. Since it’s airy and foamy, it hardly has any weight. I put a golf ball-sized amount in my wet hair after showering to help my waves form easily. Like I said, this does the trick. I’ll probably never use anything else. Plus, it smells earthy and clean.  {$11;}

M A K E U P 


I wear a cat-eye look almost every day. Something about that wing just makes me feel so sassy and ready to face the world! A few months ago, I raved about the bareMinerals Lash Domination Eyeliner Pen. I used it so frequently that it finally dried out. That one is still my favorite, but if you’re looking for a cheaper option, I suggest the Soap & Glory SuperCat Liquid Black Eyeliner Pen. 

Honestly, I was not expecting to like this one as much as I have been. But the felt-tip pen is nice and uniform and precise. I can draw perfectly even wings in a matter of seconds. It dries easily and lasts all day too. I only wish the black pigment was a little more black and opaque. That being said, I would still repurchase! {$10;}

A  G O O D  R E A D


This month, author Jojo Moyes released the third installment of the Me Before You series, Still Me. Obviously, this novel picks up where After You left off.

Louisa Clark is still reeling from Will’s death. With a new relationship blossoming, she takes a leap of faith and leaves her small English town for New York City. Louisa starts a job as a wealthy socialite’s assistant.

For the first time, Louisa truly seems to be coming into her own. She meets people from different walks of life, enjoying the perks of her new job. But then, a more poignant thought much of her “old self” does Louisa hold on to even when her world starts to open up?

Still Me is definitely worth the read. As always, Moyes does a wonderful job of crafting an entertaining, witty novel with a deeper, thoughtful undertone. In many ways, I think we can all relate to Louisa: No matter your age, life always throws lessons at you. You never really have life figured out–which is terrifying and fun at the same time.

I genuinely hope Jojo Moyes continues the Me Before You series. I am not ready to say goodbye to Louisa yet! (Excuse my inner book nerd.)

T O  L I S T E N


On Friday, country singer Kacey Musgraves released TWO new songs from her upcoming album Golden Hour. They have been stuck in my head since then! Space Cowboy is a traditional country ballad while Butterflies is so fun and lighthearted.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with KM, she reminds me of this generation’s answer to Loretta Lynn. Her songs are more traditionally country than what’s on the radio these days. That being said, her songs are always clever and filled with attitude. I love both of her new songs equally–I can only imagine what the rest of Golden Hour sounds like. Come on March 30th!


The best neutral lip colors!

Sometimes you’re just not in the mood for a bold lip. Sometimes you just want something easy to throw in your purse. Sometimes you just want a classic, neutral lip color. So today, I thought I would share my favorites with you all.


The best part is, you can find three out of four of these items at the drugstore. Let’s get started!


Maybelline Color Sensational The Buffs Lip Color in Truffle Tease is a classic, caramel-nude shade. In my opinion, Maybelline has some of the best lipsticks at the drugstore; they are ultra-creamy, comfortable, and have a nice color payoff. Truffle Tease has the slightest pinky undertone, so it doesn’t wash me out. You can swipe on one coat for a sheer look or two to three, depending on how bold you want it. To make Truffle Tease pop even more, fill your lips in with a lip liner before applying. This will help staying power! Nonetheless, this lipstick goes with most any look. A great basic lip for your makeup collection.


For the past few months, I’d heard several YouTubers rave about how good the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Liquid Lipsticks are. It turns out, these are no joke and actually have really nice staying power! One of the shades I own is Cowboy–a mid-toned, milk chocolate brown shade. Despite the 90’s vibe that Cowboy has, it is actually quite wearable! It reminds me of Kat Von D’s Lolita without the rosy undertone. The formula is comfortable and has a non-drying, suede-like finish. Cowboy starts to fade in the center of my mouth throughout the day, but I don’t mind reapplying if needed. It has truly become one of my favorites.


If you’re more of a gloss gal, I have the perfect one for you–the elf Lip Plumping Gloss in Mocha Twist. This gloss is so simple yet gorgeous! I would describe it as a tawny rose shade. It has medium pigmentation, not too sheer or bold. As for the “plumping” claim, there is a slight cooling sensation, but nothing more than that. Nonetheless, Mocha Twist is an everyday, universally flattering color. Plus, it only costs a few dollars. The only downside is the packaging is on the cheap side, so the black covering of the cap comes off. This is not a big deal, though!


If you’re simply looking for something to nourish your lips this winter, let me tell you about my most favorite, ride-or-die lip balm–The First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Balm.  Don’t let the waxy texture or medicinal smell fool you–this balm is luxurious and effective. It actually stays on your lips, keeping them nice and soft and moisturized! This is the best after you wear a liquid or matte lipstick. For best results, I recommend exfoliating your lips BEFORE you put this on. That way, the balm really gets to sink in and work its magic. It truly is a miracle worker, and worth the slightly more expensive price tag. I’m on my second pot!


Truffle Tease, Cowboy, Mocha Twist


So there ya have it, my favorite neutral lip colors at the moment! What are some of your lip staples in your beauty collection??


My Favorite Things | January 2018

Hello friends!

This month has already blown by! Last week, I began my 24th year of life, which is just crazy. I feel like I just turned 20. Enough of my ramblings…let’s get on to my favorite things for January! Here are the items that struck my fancy this month…



Finding a good moisturizer can get tricky for me! If it is the least bit greasy, my face breaks out in no time. In the winter, I need an extra boost of moisture but don’t want to fear heaviness or greasiness. Simple Water Boost Hydrating Gel Cream is the perfect remedy for my dry skin. I received it as part of my Influenster VoxBox for free. I’m really loving it so far! Obviously, it has a gel-cream texture. It’s not heavy at all; this moisturizer soaks into my skin, leaving it so soft and fresh. If you’re looking for a good drugstore option to combat the harsh winter temps, give this gel cream a try!



And now, for one of the most GORGEOUS nude lipsticks at the drugstore–Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipstick in 02 Perfect Match. This pinky-nude lipstick may have an extremely affordable price tag, but the quality is no joke! It has a matte texture with a smooth, balmy base, so it’s not the least bit drying.


Perfect Match is just one of those easy, everyday lip colors. It goes on with a cinch–you don’t even have to use a mirror. I’ve already bought an extra one for my purse and one for my sister. Truly a hidden gem. Go try Perfect Match for yourself!



ARE YOU READY for a NEXT-LEVEL highlight from the drugstore? Your life is about to be changed. For the prettiest, most glitzy but still wearable highlight, simply layer Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter in Rose Gold and elf Shimmer Highlighting Powder in Starlight Glow. 

Let me tell ya. This combo is everything. When I first wore the elf Highlighter by itself, I thought it looked a bit patchy, so I put a cream base below it. This was such a good decision. I wear this combo almost every day! You don’t have to spend a ton of money for that high-impact highlight.  I highly recommend you buy this dynamic duo. Get ready to glow!

A  G O O D  R E A D


In December I went through a serious book draught, but The Woman In The Window by AJ Finn ended that for me. If you’re looking for an edge-of-your-seat, gripping thriller, look no further!

When the novel begins, we meet Dr. Anna Fox. She is a recluse, trapped inside her home with a fear of the outside world. She fills her days watching black-and-white suspense films and is heavy handed in the wine department. One night, she witnesses a neighbor’s murder through her window. This sends Anna into a frenzy; she becomes determined to solve the murder.

But wait…are things really what they seem? Or was all those suspenseful films playing with her mind? As the story unfolds, we begin to learn about Anna’s past, leading up to that murder. What really happened?

The Woman In The Window kept me interested till the very last page. There are multiple twists that kept me guessing. I highly recommend!


So there ya have it, my favorite things for January. What have been your must-have items for the month? I would love to know!


The Best Weightless Makeup

Hi friends!

I don’t know of anyone who likes piling on layers and layers of makeup in the morning. Who has time for that?You just have to get up and go. So today, I thought I would talk about some beauty items that are air-light and a cinch to apply; no heaviness here! Let’s get started…



Believe it or not, I have recently tried a new face primer! I’ve stuck with my Laura Geller Spackle so long that I didn’t need to try anything else. However, last week I bought the Soap & Glory One Heck Of A Blot Instant-Perfecting Power Primer. (Whew, that’s a long name.) I must say that I’m loving it so far! The texture is different; it’s a cross between a cream and a balm. It soaks right into my face, like velvet. With that being said, it’s not greasy and doesn’t drag. It even fills in pores.

The No7 Airbrush Away Foundation is the perfect complement to the Soap & Glory Primer. This is the first “droplet” foundation I’ve ever used. As expected, it has an incredibly light texture; it’s not creamy, just straight liquid. If you’re looking for a light-coverage foundation, give this one a shot. You can build it up to the boldness you want. I use a nickel-sized amount. It blends in seamlessly with a brush–and yes, it looks airbrushed! To ensure it won’t move throughout the day, I set it with a little bit of powder. The finish is neither matte or glowy; this combo feels like my real skin!



If powder or even cream blush isn’t your thing, I would try the Glossier Cloud Paints. Much like the Airbrush Away Foundation, it has an air-light, liquid texture. The shade Puff is a simple light pink shade. It blends so seamlessly that it hardly requires effort. I like to layer it with a powder blush; it gives me that “lit from within” look. Plus, it has nice staying power too!

L A S H E S 


I loooove trying out new mascaras. I’m faithful to a couple different ones, but I just can’t resist trying out whichever one is new on the market. Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara gives my lashes volume and curl.


The texture of the mascara is unique; it has a creamy and whipped formula. As you can see, A LOT of product is dispensed on the brush and there is an ample amount of bristles. After about two or three coats, my lashes are lush and thick. It can look a bit clumpy, but I really don’t mind! It stays on all day and doesn’t flake. Plus, it smells faintly of coconut.



As I have mentioned several times before on my blog, the Nars PowerMatte Lip Pigment in Save The Queen is one of my favorite liquid lipsticks because it is TRULY weightless. The formula is so thin and breathable and comfortable. The tiny applicator is so precise, easily allowing me to get a sharp line. It doesn’t dry my lips out or get crusty. I do recommend that your lips are clean before applying so it doesn’t get all patchy. These PowerMatte Lip Pigments have such a unique formula; can’t wait to try more shades.

So there ya have it! I hope you all enjoyed this blog post. What are some of your favorite natural, barely-there beauty items?


2017 BEAUTY FAVORITES | My must-haves…

Hi friends! 2018 may be here, but today I thought I’d do a post on the makeup I used the most in 2017. I have a vast makeup collection and love testing new products, but these are the items that held my interest. We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s get right to it!



First off, we have Laura Geller Spackle Under-Makeup Primer in Champagne. I have been a Spackle fan for almost SIX years now! To me, it is the perfect primer: it adds moisture, helps my makeup stay on, and is not the least bit greasy. The Champagne tint just adds a little extra glow without looking shiny. The formula goes on smoothly and doesn’t ball up on your skin. Spackle is perfect if you have combination to dry skin. I will continue to repurchase for years to come.

In 2017, I was obsessed with TWO drugstore foundations: Maybelline Matte+Poreless and L’Oreal Pro-Glow. The Maybelline foundation has a soft matte finish that isn’t drying and stays all day. It is an ideal foundation for daily use; the coverage is light-to-medium. Pro-Glow has more of a radiant, glowy finish that doesn’t slip on my skin or look greasy. I’m loving it during these frigid temperatures! I am a fan of mixing these two foundations together; they create a smooth, natural finish. These items have taught me that you don’t have to break the bank on a quality foundation!

I don’t wear concealer all the time, but when I do I reach for the Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer in Light. This stuff is no joke! High coverage concealers are really trendy these days; most high-end beauty brands offer them. However, this one is sold at Walmart! I pop on a small amount to cover blemishes or brighten under my eyes. For a small price, you get a large amount of product. A little goes a long way.

A L L   S E T


I feel like setting your makeup is one of the most overlooked steps in a beauty routine. It may seem unnecessary, but I truly think it makes a difference in the longevity of your makeup look. To set my foundation and concealer, I’ve been using the elf Tone Correcting Powder lately. It is effective and mess-free. Since it’s finely milled, it won’t make you look ashy!

Setting spray is even more important than powder. No matter your skin type, spray a generous amount of this stuff on, and you will look airbrushed. My two favorites of the year have been the Catrice Prime and Fine MultiTalent Fixing Spray and Kat Von D Makeup Setting Mist. 

The Catrice spray is a great hidden gem at Ulta. To be packaged in a small bottle, a large amount of product is dispensed in a single spray. Only about three pushes covers my entire face! That being said, the spray is high quality and fine; I only wish it came in a bigger bottle. I am already on my third one!

When I first purchased the KVD Spray, I was skeptical. Was it really worth $26? I was alarmed at how fine the mist was when I first put it on my face. It felt like air! However, this spray does set my makeup beautifully. It takes just a few more sprays to cover my face. Plus, it is so refreshing and smells like cucumber! I think I will repurchase.

B R O N Z E  / B L U S H / H I G H L I G H T


In my opinion, the Physician’s Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer is the ABSOLUTE BEST BRONZER at the drugstore. It has the smoothest, most buttery texture that is impossible to mess up! I am on my third pan and will continue to repurchase. It is just so natural looking and wearable; not ashy, orange or muddy! Sure, it may be a tad expensive for the drugstore, but it is so worth it. I recommend it to everyone. Give it a try!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed has been by far my favorite blush I have purchased in a looong time. It may look boring in the pan, but it is the prettiest, most natural pink. It literally goes with any makeup look; dramatic, everyday, you name it. I cannot say enough good things about it! I absolutely LOVE exposed. If you are scared of blush, try this one. It looks good on every skin tone and is impossible to mess up. No shimmer or glitter; it brings out your natural flush!

The drugstore has really been stepping it up with highlighters. I bought a lot of them in the past year, but my favorite has been the Flower Beauty Shimmer & Strobe Highlighting Palette. Mine took one too many tumbles, but I have thoroughly been enjoying the gold and pink shades. They may be in powder form, but they apply quite creamy. The smooth texture makes it so, so easy to blend. I love to apply this to the tops of my cheekbones or inner corners. My face is instantly glowing, without tacky glitter. This palette may be on the bold side, but it’s still wearable if you use a light hand. I highly recommend.

E Y E S 


I have had my Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette for a year and a half now. Yet, it is still my most-used eyeshadow palette! To this day, I CANNOT get over just how gorgeous each shade is. Whether you want a natural, everyday look or something more sultry, you can achieve it with MR. My favorite shades are Love Letter, Antique Bronze and Red Ochre. The shimmery shades are just stunning! Plus, each shadow blends easily and is not patchy. You need to give this palette a chance!


Eyeshadow primer is another vital product to your makeup routine. I have used the Essence I Heart Stage Eyeshadow Base so much in the past year. It has a little tint to it that covers imperfections. Most importantly, it improves the staying power of any shadow. This primer is around $4 at Ulta. Can’t beat that!

The bareMinerals Lash Domination Ink Liner is the best liquid eyeliner on the market, I kid you not! The formula is PERFECT: creamy, inky, pigmented and it stays on all day. The felt-tip is so fine and precise. It glides on with ease; I achieve a perfect cat-eye every time. I don’t mind that it costs a little extra; I will repurchase again and again.

I have gone through four or five of the Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara in the past year and a half. This product lengthens and volumes my lashes. The formula is creamy, ultra-black and not brittle. I love to try a lot of different mascaras, but this one will always be a staple!



Confession: I am a lip balm hoarder. I honestly have five or six on my night stand right now. But you know what? I use every single one of them. One of my favorites has been the Sol de Janiero Brazillian Kiss Lip Butter. Sold at Sephora, it reminds me of a way better version of the Eos Lip Balms. Remember those? This one is much more creamy and moisturizing. I love the chunky packaging and the warm, macadamia nut scent. This is a unique lip balm; I’ve even got my sister liking it too.

The Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer is one of the best lip glosses EVER EVER EVER. It has the prettiest, sheer rose-gold pigment, but the formula is what takes the cake for me. While most lip glosses merely sit on top of your lips and do nothing, this one is actually really nourishing. I’ve applied it to chapped lips before and this gloss brought them back to life. Gloss Bomb is such a perfect product. It looks good alone or on top of lipstick. I really hope that Rihanna releases more colors with this formula. It’s so good!!

For a more pigmented lip, I have loved the Nars PowerMatte Lip Pigment in Save the Queen. I would describe it as a rosy mauve shade. It is really nice and mid-toned, so it can be worn during any season! While most liquid lipsticks are drying, this one is not. The formula is really thin and breathable yet pigmented. I love the tiny, precise applicator. It is mess-free and easy to apply. I will definitely be buying more shades.



Chloe Eau De Parfum is my all-time favorite fragrance. To me,  this perfume is everything. It is the perfect balance of fresh and floral; the honey note even adds a bit of warmth. It is so light and not the least bit cloying. It can be worn during the day and/or at night. I love it! I have almost finished this bottle and got another one for Christmas. This will always be in my collection. It’s just so elegant, chic and comforting!


After a novel of a blog post, I have finally finished talking about my favorite beauty items of 2017. If you have read on this long, thank you for sticking with me! What products have been staples for you this year? I’d love to know!



Hi friends! Today I thought I would end the year by talking about my favorite books of 2017. I read TONS of books this year; my bookshelves are piled so high I had to resort to my Kindle! I am a true and proud bookworm. I just love the idea of escaping for a while and being transported to a whole other time and place. Anyway, here are the FIVE books that really stuck with me in 2017!



When I read The Girl On The Train last year, I got into a really big thriller kick; I had never really been interested in that genre before. In February, my aunt suggested I read The Good Girl by Mary Kubica. I was not disappointed!

The Good Girl is about a woman who gets abducted and the process of trying to find her. The novel is split into three points of view: Mia’s mother, her abductor, and the detective.

The story is engaging; I was hooked by the first chapter. Plus, the ending has a clever twist that isn’t cliche or confusing. I also loved that you don’t see the story through Mia’s eyes until the very end. If you’re looking for a good mystery/thriller, I highly recommend this novel!



This blog post wouldn’t be complete without discussing a couple World War II reads. The first one that I absolutely LOVED was The Alice Network by Kate Quinn. If you love history, adventure and a bit of romance, you cannot pass this one up!

The story begins with 19-year-old Charlie. She is in Europe with her family, shortly after the end of WWII. Single and pregnant, she is basically disgraced by them. Charlie’s beloved cousin, Rose, went missing during the War, so Charlie is determined to find her. Soon, she meets a reclusive, haggard woman named Eve who needs closure of her own. The two set out on a quest to find Rose.

In addition to Charlie’s story, the novel jumps back in time to when Eve was young. During World War I, she served in The Alice Network, a top-secret spy ring. For a while, she was on top of her game–until she wasn’t. Her world comes crashing down, and she is scarred for life. Will Eve make peace with her past, some 40 years after her world exploded?

Not only is this a WONDERFUL historical fiction novel, but I love that it’s about two women making peace with their lives. It’s also neat that this novel was based upon a true story–The Alice Network was a real spy ring. The Alice Network is a true page-turner; you definitely want this one on your bookshelf!



 We Were The Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter was my other favorite historical fiction novel of 2017. Just like The Alice Network, it is based upon a true story.

Lucky Ones is all about how a family of seven survived World War II. During the War, the whole family was spilt up across Europe. One of the children, Addy (who is based off of the author’s grandfather) resorts to Brazil to avoid getting captured.

The most remarkable part of this story is that all seven family members survived the War–and found their way back together, hence the title of this book. HAPPY TEARS! I could not imagine the horrors they faced. The book was difficult to read at times, but well worth it. At the end of the novel, the author gives a detailed description about how she got the idea to write her grandfather’s story, and how it took years and years for the novel to come to fruition.

We Were The Lucky Ones is a heart-wrenching yet triumphant story about how important it is to never lose hope or give up–no matter your circumstances. I think everyone could benefit from reading this novel.



Last year, Karma Brown BLEW ME AWAY with her debut novel, Come Away With Me. In all honesty, I SILL have not stopped thinking about it. She has quickly become my favorite author, so naturally I read her newest novel this year, In This Moment. 

In her third novel, Brown sticks with her formula of telling a tear-jerker type story with a ray of hope at the end. Meg, a workaholic mother struggling to balance her busy life–accidentally strikes a teenage boy with her car while picking up her daughter from school. The boy is seriously injured, leaving Meg devastated.

Throughout the novel, Meg tries to cope with the whole situation. On top of that stress, she is reminded of the untimely death of her childhood best friend, which continues to haunt her decades later. History is seemingly repeating itself, and Meg is horrified.

In This Moment is all about how a busy woman rebuilds her life amid dealing with struggles. Brown’s fast-paced yet poignant novel kept me interested till the very end!

not so


And now, I’m ending this post with a lighter read: My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella. Katie is just out of college, longing to live a glamorous life in London. She has a job there at a marketing firm. With each Instagram post, her life looks sparkly and eventful–yet it’s anything but.

One day, Katie is unrightfully fired from her job and is forced to move back to the countryside with her parents. It seems that Katie’s life is a mess. Her parents decide to start a “glamping” (glamorous camping, if you’re wondering) business and enlist Katie to help with marketing.

Katie eventually comes face to face with her nightmare boss at the camp–the woman who fired her. Through that, Katie quickly learns that money and power aren’t the real keys to happiness–no matter how fancy someone’s Instagram may appear. This novel is so timely in this day and age, don’t you think?

My Not So Perfect Life is so entertaining, filled with witty British humor and funny mishaps. Highly recommend!


Sorry for the lengthy post–hopefully I’ve helped you find your next favorite read. Which books struck your fancy this year? I would love to know!!


My Favorite Things | December 2017

Hi friends! It’s time for another Favorite Things post. I’ve been busy lately, so I ran out of time to post as often. Hopefully I’ll get better in the New Year! Nonetheless, thanks for stopping by. Here are the items that caught my eye during the month of December….



I have been loving this American Eagle Floral Sweater. The color is unique; a rosy-mauve shade. The knit is really cozy and soft; not the least bit scratchy. Of course, my favorite part of this sweater is the floral embroidery on the sleeves—that trend has been really in this year! The overall fit is relaxed, so make sure you size down if you purchase!



Ever since the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette, I’ve been hooked on warm, rosy shadows. When I saw the Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions Palette, I knew I had to give it a try. I’ve only had it for a few days, but I am really enjoying it! As you can see, this palette is full of warm, mauvey tones.

As for the texture of these shadows, they aren’t as buttery as I was expecting. Rather, they are on the powdery side. That being said, they are easily buildable and blend like a dream! I get the most pigmentation out of the shimmery shades by applying with my fingertips.

If you have always been curious about trying the Huda Beauty palettes but aren’t willing to drop $60 on the regular sized palettes, I suggest giving this one (or any of the other minis) a try! $27 for nine shadows is a pretty good deal.


If you’re looking for a good powder to set your foundation, I suggest the elf Tone Correcting Powder. It is very light and finely milled, so it doesn’t look ashy or dry. Plus, it has sturdy packaging and even a nice mirror. For a mere $3, you can’t beat this drugstore steal!


I found Nucifera The Balm at Anthropologie a few weeks ago and received it as a Christmas gift. Turns out, this stuff is a true hidden gem. If you have dry skin, you need this in your life!

This balm is a blend of oils and butters. Obviously, the texture is very emollient. I apply this to my lips and hands each night–winter is hard on them! When I wake up, my skin is so soft.

This balm is more oily than a typical lotion or body butter, so I suggest being patient and letting it soak in. Like I said, I apply it overnight–if I tried to hold onto my walker after rubbing it in quickly, I’m pretty sure I’d end up on the floor!

This nifty little item is sure to become a staple on my bedside table. Use it wherever you need some moisture. Best of all, it smells so warm and comforting. Like peppermint and cinnamon. 🙂

T O  W A T C H


Y’ALL. The new season of The Crown is so amazing! By far the best thing I’ve watched this month. I only have one episode left and I am dreading the end.

Last season, I feel like The Crown mostly focused on Elizabeth and the political side of things. It was interesting, but I have enjoyed this season even more. The supporting characters have a chance to develop; especially her sister, Margaret and Elizabeth’s husband, Philip. Each episode is so fascinating. I find myself researching the “real story” behind the storyline just to read more about each event. I know, I’m a history nerd!

Nonetheless, this show is worth watching.


What beauty items or TV shows have you been loving this month? I would love to know!