Mexico, 2013


Chicago, 2013


First PhotoShop Attempt, 2015

HandsOn Exersise #2

Photoshop Project, Fall 2015


Videos I’ve Made….

“Lyndi’s Silver Lining”

“Finding Ruby”

“Exploring Europe”


Signal Mountain Mirror, September 2015germany

THE RUSTIC HOUSE, a Chattanooga-based candle company

I wrote all of the candle scent descriptions: http://bit.ly/2poGzDK
HomeBound Books x The Rustic House blog posthttp://bit.ly/2HNif6e

LUMINATION NETWORK, Lipscomb University’s Student News Service:

Lumination Stories by Lyndi  

MUSIC ANALYSIS BLOG for my “Writing for Social Media” class, Fall 2015:

ListenUp By Lyndi

DAUGHTER OF DELIGHT, a Faith-Based Women’s Devotional Blog:
(I served as a Guest Writer)
Post #1

for the Chattanooga Times Free Press…

Get Out Chattanooga: July 2014 

Running Partner:  http://bit.ly/2lsdLHX

Eat Right–Grilled Chicken Pineapple Sliders: http://bit.ly/2kILwrG

Chatter Magazine: July 2014

Stories in Art:  http://bit.ly/2lJt2Hf

Get Out Chattanooga: August 2014

Outdoor Itch:  http://bit.ly/2m9iEWt

Smart Snacking:  http://bit.ly/2lDwH8V

Eat Right–Garlic, Basil and Tomato Stuffed Peppers:   http://bit.ly/2kITCk6

Tennessee Valley Parents: July 2014

Lunchbox Ready Recipes–Sandwiches Galore: http://bit.ly/2lDyzyF

Chatter Magazine: August 2014

StarNight 2014:    http://bit.ly/2lDvajf

Tennessee Valley Parents: August 2014

Fun Jobs from A-Z–N is for Nurse:  http://bit.ly/2m9tVX0

Get Out Chattanooga: September 2014

Iron Kids:  http://bit.ly/2l56pte

Eat Right–Crustless Smoked Turkey and Spinach Quiche:  http://bit.ly/2l4YhsN

Get Out Chattanooga: October 2014

Eat Right–French Onion and Apple Soup:  http://bit.ly/2mjaXwh

Edge Business Magazine: October 2014

Power Tools: Master Stroke:  http://bit.ly/2mjt1Gt

Random Writings…

Wedding Feast at Cana

short story

This I Believe



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