Daring makeup trends you can ACTUALLY pull off

Who doesn’t love to spice up their makeup routine every now and then? These days, there are constantly new beauty trends arising and gaining popularity; yet some of them seem a little impractical and scary. I’m here today to show you some products that I love to use when I feel like trying a daring beauty trend. Let’s get started!

TREND #1: Fiery Eyes

FullSizeRender (2)

When I was younger, the thought of wearing an orange or red shadow on my eyelids made me shiver! I thought it looked as if I got hit in the eye. These days, wearing such a warm shade is all the rage. So what’s the secret to pulling it off such a fiery shadow? Only wear the shade in one area of your lid–and pair it with a similar color! 

FullSizeRender (3)

I love to use NYX Prismatic Shadow in Fireball. Despite that it looks purely red in the pan, Fireball is metallic and multi-dimensional. As you can see, it photographs really orange and even has a hint of gold in there. I suggest applying Fireball in just the outer corners of your lid. (If you applied Fireball to your ENTIRE lid, it would look too harsh!) Also, pair Fireball with a gold eyeshadow. This combo works so well for summer. Plus, the formula is so pigmented and creamy; these shadows are great dupes for LORAC ones.

TREND #2: Bold Lips 


Let’s be honest–I don’t think bold lips will EVER go out of style. It’s just one of those classic looks that anyone can pull off; you just have to choose the right shade and formula. For me, I love a good berry shade to complement my olive skin tone. I recently purchased Mary Kay Gel Semi-Matte Lipstick in Crushed Berry.  It’s such a nice bright pink shade with a dash of purple!

FullSizeRender (1)

So what’s the secret to pulling off a bold lip? Choose a lipstick with a semi-matte formula–like Crushed Berry. The formula is not too moisturizing to where the color slips and slides, yet it’s not completely drying either. Crushed Berry glides on so smoothly that it feels like a dense lip balm. So comfy! For extra staying power, I like to apply one coat, blot the excess, and then apply another coat. That way, the lipstick stays put and doesn’t budge!

TREND #3: Highlighters

FullSizeRender (4)

YouTube Vlogger Jaclyn Hill REALLY put highlighters on the map when she came out with Champagne Pop some two years ago. Champagne Pop’s warm, shimmery, golden goodness is one of my favorites–but let’s face it. Highlighters can still be intimidating and deemed unwearable. If you are new to the highlighting craze, I would try this: Skip the shimmer. Yep, it’s true! There is such a thing as matte highlighters, and they are much more user-friendly if you’re just starting out. Two of my favorites are Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter in Moon Glow Lights and Essence Pure Nude Highlighter in Be My Highlight. 

FullSizeRender (5)

These two products may look BLAH in the pan, but I can assure you that they are truly hidden gems at the drugstore! Moon Glow Lights looks like it would be dry and chalky, but it actually gives you a pigmented, subtle pink highlight! I LOVE to apply this to the tops of my cheekbones.

As for Be My Highlight–this is a slightly warmer shade! It may look beige, but it actually catches light nicely without being blingy! I have used this as a face powder before. Just use a light hand when applying it all over your face. 🙂

It is possible to give your complexion a dose of radiance without all the intimidating glitz and glam of other highlighters. These two are a nice place to start!


I hope each of these products will help you branch out of your makeup comfort zone. What are your go-to makeup items when you’re wanting to switch up your look? Let me know!



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