My favorite things | March 2017

Hello and welcome to another edition of My Favorite Things! As always, this post is all about the items that struck my fancy during the month of March. Let’s get to it!


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I first wrote about the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Airy Fairy around three years ago. Since then, I have mentioned this lipstick several times! It’s one of those items that I seem to put down for a while, and then pick it up later to discover how much I truly love it!

Airy Fairy is a pretty, nude pink lipstick. Despite the pearly finish, it doesn’t look the least bit frosty on me. It really enhances my olive complexion and makes me look tanned even if I don’t have one! Airy Fairy glides on really easily; no need for a mirror. This lipstick is so creamy, it might as well be high-end. I will continue to purchase Airy Fairy; it is wearable year-round, but looks especially good in the spring and summer. I love the caramel scent, too!

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For the past year, I have been faithful to the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I completely ditched brushes when applying my foundation! However, when this L’Oreal Infalliable Blend Artist Complexion Blender came out, I knew I was ready to try something new. I do not regret making this switch!

Folks, this sponge is the REAL DEAL. When using this, make sure you submerge it with water first, squeezing the excess out. Get ready to see it work magic! This sponge blends my foundation wonderfully. My favorite way to use it is actually blending my foundation in with the bottom of the sponge, using a stamping motion. It covers my blemishes and evens my complexion so well!

When dampened with water, the sponge really expands and becomes fluffy. It is so easy to use and affordable. I only wish the material was a bit more sturdy–but I can look past it because I love this sponge so much. TRY IT!

What I’m Streaming

This month, I’ve really been into watching family dramas on Netflix.
I’ve heard my friends rave about Parenthood for years, so I finally decided to see what all the buzz was about. It look me two or three episodes to get into it, but I really, really love this show! For those of you who don’t know, it’s basically just about a Californian family and all of their going’s on.

It’s one of those shows where you laugh and cry in each episode. Each character is really different and relatable. I have to say that my favorite is Crosby! I’m only on season two now, but I’m moving really quickly. I’m excited to see how each character develops.

Now on to a different kind of family drama–The Crown. My Mom and I started watching mid-March and only have two episodes left. The Crown is all about the early days of Queen Elizabeth’s reign in the 1950’s. I’m a fan of anything historical, so this show is definitely down my alley.

Although The Crown isn’t heavily action-packed, I find myself eager to watch the next episode. It’s fascinating to see what all went on in the British monarch. There’s lots of drama to keep your attention!

A Good Read


In March, I read We Were The Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter. Although this book is a novel, it is heavily based upon the author’s grandfather’s life.

Lucky Ones follows a Polish, Jewish family who was split up during World War II. The parents were forced into hiding, while siblings were shipped off to concentration camps and ghettos. Hunter’s grandfather (who “Addy” is based off of in the novel) escaped to Brazil after he was living in France when the war broke out. Another sibling made a brave and terrifying escape from a ghetto with her child in tow!

As the title infers, each family member lived through the war and were able to find their way back to each other– despite the terrible events they endured. That really moved me! This novel is such a gem. It kept me absorbed from the first page to the last. In the author’s note, Hunter mentioned that she spent some fifteen years composing this novel. She did a fantastic job.

If you are a fan of WWII reads like me, I highly recommend We Were The Lucky Ones.



2 thoughts on “My favorite things | March 2017

  1. Deanna Mariol says:

    Good afternoon!
    Once again you had my undivided attention! I love the Airy Fairy lipstick…where can I purchase it? Thank you for The Crown and the great book review!


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