My favorite things | February 2017

It’s time for another favorite things post! This month has flown by wayyy too quickly. These are the things that struck my fancy during February. We have a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get right to it!

A Show Worth Watching



Three years ago, I read the novel by Therese Anne Fowler and loved every bit of it. I was thrilled when I heard that it was going to be made into a TV series by Amazon. Turns out, the show is just as engrossing as the book!

Z : The Beginning of Everything follows the life of Zelda Sayre, the wife of legendary novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald. Zelda resides in Montgomery, Alabama, longing for a glamorous, big-city life. She gets her wish when she meets Scott Fitzgerald at a town gathering, who is an aspiring novelist. The two marry and move to New York.

Z does a great job of portraying Zelda and Scott’s rocky relationship. They revel in a life of fortune and lavish parties. Through all the glitz and glam, their life is far from perfect; the pair often clashes–greed and strong personalities get the best of them.

Everything about this show is just PERFECT. The acting is superb; Christina Ricci nails Zelda’s slow and southern accent. The cinematography is beautiful, and the costumes are impeccable.

If you are looking to escape the real world, travel back in time to the roaring ’20s! Z is divided into ten 30 minute episodes that are entertaining and fun to get lost in. Can’t wait for next season.

(streams on Amazon. If you have Prime, you can watch for free!)

A Breezy Novel



I first started reading Sophie Kinsella’s novels in the sixth grade. Her novels are so breezy and light–sprinkled with British humor, likable characters and funny mishaps. Unfortunately, the past couple of Kinsella’s novels have been lackluster, which made me really sad because I usually LOVE her novels. Thank goodness that My Not So Perfect Life turned a new page for me!

Life tells the story of a small town, twenty-something Katie. Originally from Somerset, she is freshly graduated from university, navigating life in London. Although her Instagram portrays life as being productive and fabulous, real life is less than. She works at a marketing firm, longing to get more recognition.

One day, she is basically unrightfully fired by her diva uptight boss, Dimitri. Devastated, Katie moves back home to get her feet back on the ground. While regrouping, Katie helps her parents start up a retreat-like”glamping” (glamorous camping) complex on their property. Word gets around, and Dimitri shows up with her family in tow. Now Katie must make amends with her one-time boss!

I thoroughly enjoyed My Not So Perfect Life. Kinsella did a really good job of writing about such a timely issue–the impact that social media has on our lives. Sometimes life and people aren’t as put together as they seem. Life has a little bit of everything sprinkled in it–a love story, drama, humor, and a profound life lesson we can all relate to.



I purchased this Wet ‘N’ Wild 1-Step Wonder Gel Polish in Under My Plum the other week, and I am obsessed! This item is a mere $5 and it is NO JOKE. Under My Plum is a medium-toned red wine, berry shade. The formula is super shiny, like a gel manicure but with NONE of the hassle!

I am so impressed with the staying power. It was chip resistant for about four days! That’s a long time. Even when it does start to chip, it doesn’t lose much of its glossiness. The color doesn’t fade much, either.

This nail polish is a true hidden gem of the drugstore. It lasts way longer than the high-end brands. I will definitely be trying more colors!


Okay–I just got this Mary Kay Eyeliner in Deep Brown two days ago, but I’m gonna go ahead and rave about it! I honestly think every woman needs it in her collection; a good brown liner is a staple!

This liner is a fine-tip, brown crayon. It is SOOO smooth, and glides on your lids like a DREAM. I barely had to apply any pressure for a precise line. Best of all, it stays on all day and doesn’t fade one bit.

Also, no need to worry about a sharpener–all you need to do is twist up to dispense the product. Perfect for travel!





2 thoughts on “My favorite things | February 2017

  1. Deanna Mariol says:

    Hi Lyndi 😊
    I just enjoyed your interesting blog!! You are such an interesting writer!!! That’s all for now since I had a very busy day and am ready to hit the hay 😴


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