My favorite things | January 2017

It’s already time for another Favorite Things post! Here are the items that caught my eye in January. Let’s take a look…

A Good Read



Last month, Karma Brown blew me away with Come Away With Me. It’s been weeks now and I am STILL thinking about that book; I’ve even got my mom reading it! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on The Choices We Make, her followup effort. Needless to say, Brown did not disappoint with this one, either!

Choices tells the story of two best friends, Hannah and Kate, who have been friends since elementary school. N0w grown, they are tighter then ever.

Hannah longs to have a child, but her wish is still unfulfilled after years of trying. As this longing starts to take a toll on her marriage, Kate steps in and offers to carry a child for Hannah. After all, Kate has two healthy babies of her own and feels Hannah’s pain. Things get squared away legally, and Kate finally begins to fulfill Hannah’s lifelong dream.

In true Karma Brown fashion, the story takes a hard turn a ways in. Hannah and Kate’s friendship is tested, and circumstances begin to complicate.

Choices is another page-turner from Brown. I stayed up till the wee hours of the night to find out how the story ends. This novel is another winner; I recommend!



How gorgeous is this ColourPop SuperShock Shadow in GameFace?! I have been using it so much this month; I’m already hitting pan. It is the prettiest, gold-bronze color. This warm-toned shadow is universally flattering. I love the creaminess of GameFace is well; it goes on really easily (even with my fingertips) and brings light to my eyes without being glittery. GameFace works perfectly as an “everyday” shadow.


I feel like double-sided liquid lipsticks can seem outdated compared to some of the innovative formulas on the market today, but Revlon ColorStay OverTime LipColor in Relentless Raisin is worth buying! I would describe Relentless Raisin as a plum-pink shade; it is not too pink or too mauve.

FullSizeRender (9).jpg

Swatches for GameFace Shadow and Relentless Raisin LipColor

The formula is like a simple, fluid lip stain. It is not completely opaque, so you may have to apply around two coats to get even coverage. Make sure your lips are clean and dry before applying; this will make the pigment go on smoothly. The clear topcoat does a great job of adding moisture and sealing everything in. It is not sticky or gloppy!

For best results, I would recommend not eating anything for around 45 minutes after applying. This lets the color really set and last all day! With that being said, even as the color starts to wear off, your natural lip color doesn’t look bad peeping through. 🙂

FullSizeRender (8).jpg

This is a really random item, but I HIGHLY recommend spending an extra dollar or so to purchase Ulta Premium Cotton Pads. These cotton pads DO NOT fall apart, which is so nice when you’re taking off makeup or nail polish. These have no lint either; they are like small, durable cloths! One (or maybe two) can easily remove all of your makeup.

If you don’t have an Ulta near you, WalMart carries the brand Swisspers that has a premium cotton pad, and so does Target. (They may even be a little cheaper than these!) They cost a tad bit more than regular cotton squares, but having the premium ones are so, so worth it. I don’t think I’ll ever go back!



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