ULTA Hits + Misses | January 2017

Today I thought I would review a few items that I’ve picked up from Ulta in the past couple months. Let’s get right to it!


I first heard YouTube Vlogger KathleenLights rave about Physician’s Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer, so of course I had to try it for myself. I have been faithful to my Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer for sooo long; I figured it was time to branch out.

Despite the cheesy 80’s style packaging, this bronzer is a very solid product! The Butter Bronzer has a silky, satin-like finish, so it would be perfect for those of you who are normally hesitant to try out bronzer. It isn’t too brown or orange, and it is very buildable!

One factor that might be a slight deal breaker is the scent of this bronzer. It smells strongly of a tropical vacation–very fruity and coconutty. I could smell it even before taking it out of the packaging! With that being said, the scent doesn’t linger once you apply. And I haven’t had any problems with breakouts either!

Butter Bronzer comes in two shades, but they aren’t very different from one another. I have the darker shade, but both are very forgiving.

Physicians Formula’s products are a little on the high side for the drugstore, but I will tell you this Butter Bronzer is worth the money. The texture of this bronzer is smooth and buttery–it might as well be high end!


Next, we have the CoverGirl TruNaked Roses Eyeshadow Palette. I am usually not one to take chances on drugstore eyeshadows–they are not pigmented enough for me! I feel like spending a little extra money is always worth it because high-end eyeshadow palettes have better pigmentation. But, I was impressed by this palette!

Roses is a collection of soft purple and pink eyeshadows. Those are two of my favorite colors to wear, so I decided to give this palette a shot. The solid finish eyeshadows are pretty good quality! They go on smoothly and are very buttery. Pigmentation isn’t incredible, but you can definitely build them up.

I wish the shimmery shadows were a little better; I found them to be a tad patchy and too powdery to hold their shimmer. You CAN work with them, but it just takes a little more effort! I like to spray an eyeliner brush with finishing spray and use the dark shimmers as eyeliner. It’s really pretty!

To ensure staying power, I strongly suggest priming your eyelids so the shadow has something sturdy to stick to. 🙂


I’m a HUGE fan of the NYX Suede Cream Lipsticks, so I was eager to try the Suede Matte Lip Liner. I got the shade SoftSpoken. At first I thought the lip color would match the liner, but it turns out that the liner looks really mauvey on me instead of rosy.


SoftSpoken Lip Liner

Despite the fact that the SoftSpoken lip color and liner don’t really match, this liner is still great quality! Instead of a traditional pencil texture, these liners have a suede-like finish. SoftSpoken is very pigmented and it makes any lip color have better staying power. The soft texture really holds on to my lips nicely. This liner would look best paired with pink or mauve toned lipsticks!  I will definitely be trying more colors.


I was really excited to try the Tarte ManEater Volumptuous Mascara after reading such positive reviews. If anything, the packaging sold me; I am a sucker for anything with leopard print! As much as I hate to say it, I thought this mascara was a HUGE letdown.

ManEater promises dramatic volume, but I didn’t get that result. It is an OKAY mascara, but I found the formula to be too dry for me. In fact, it started to crack and crumble off of my lashes.


I wasn’t impressed with the wand either; it is a standard plastic wand with small rubber bristles. I like the brush to deliver lots of product to my lashes, but this one fell short. In all, nothing really wowed me about this mascara. I don’t think it’s worth the extra money. 😦

If you ARE willing to spend extra money on a high-end volumizing mascara, I suggest Benefit They’re Real! or Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara. Those are definitely worth buying!



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