My favorite things | December 2016

This month truly has flown by. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! As always, today I am going to share with you all my favorite things for the month of December. Let’s get right to it!



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This month, I read perhaps my most favorite book of the ENTIRE year: Come Away With Me by Karma Brown. At first, the title sounds like some cheesy romance novel that belongs in the 90’s. But let me tell you, it is anything but that.

Come Away With Me tells the story of Tegan and Gabe, who are newly married with a baby on the way. Life couldn’t possibly be any more perfect and content for them. However, everything changes one night when they are on their way to a Christmas gathering.  Gabe hits black ice, crashing into a pole. Tragically, their unborn child dies in the car accident.

For the next weeks, Tegan is consumed with anger and grief. She blames Gabe for the accident, and none of his words can soothe her. Finally, he convinces Tegan to visit three places with him: Thailand, Italy and Hawaii. In the next six weeks, Tegan begins to heal. The story also contains flashbacks of their relationship that makes you fall in love with their story.

This novel is truly an absorbing read. At times, it is heartbreaking. You can feel Tegan’s sadness and grief radiating off the pages, even when she is witnessing these beautiful destinations. The story is even more engrossing with a twist towards the end that you will NOT see coming.

Although Come Away With Me is on the heavy side, it is still so eloquently written. It just really shows you that even beauty can sprout out of dark circumstances. Karma Brown does a wonderful job with every bit of the story. If I write a novel one day, I hope that it as half as good as Come Away with Me. It’s been nearly four weeks since I finished this novel, and I am still getting choked up writing this review!

I cannot say enough good things; I strongly recommend this novel! Just don’t forget your tissues!!



I am WAYYY late to the Champagne Pop party…but I am so glad I purchased this highlighter! Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop is definitely worth the money. For months, I was back and forth about spending $38 on a highlighter, because I have a few favorites from the drugstore. However, I was looking for something more intense with more pigment, so I decided to give Champagne Pop a try.

Oh. My. Goodness. This highlighter is gorgeous! It is the prettiest light gold shade with a slight peach undertone. It’s not too yellow or too orange. Despite it’s intensity, the formula isn’t glittery or chunky at all; rather, it has a smooth, luminous sheen.

I love to apply Champagne Pop to the tops of my cheekbones. Since the formula is so pigmented, a little goes a long way. It gives you the prettiest sun-kissed glow! You get a lot of highlighter for the price, so I think this product is a smart investment if you are looking to give your complexion some glow during these dreary and cold months!


I know that face moisturizer isn’t a terribly exciting product, but I think Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer is worth mentioning. I really, really love this stuff.

Although it is described as “rich,” this moisturizer has a light texture while being hydrating. It soaks into my face without a greasy feel. The gel-like texture is so refreshing. This moisturizer is one of the best at the drugstore! Best of all, it won’t break you out!



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From the moment I heard Vice on the radio earlier this year, I knew Miranda Lambert was going to make one heck of a good album. In November, The Weight Of These Wings, her sixth effort, was released.

This album is made up of two discs, “The Nerve” and “The Heart.” A whopping 24 songs! My most favorite thing about Wings is that it’s not too overproduced. It’s the perfect album to pop in when you’re going on a road trip or something. While this album has its share of poignant and honest tracks, it also has fun and catchy ones like Highway Vagabond, Pink Sunglasses and We Should Be Friends. 

To be honest, I haven’t listed to the second disc as much as the first, but I can tell you that The Weight Of These Wings is worth listening to. I love how organic each song sounds; you can tell Miranda put a lot of thought and care into this album.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post! I always love sharing my thoughts with you all.



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