My Favorite Things | November 2016

It’s time for another installment of My Favorite Things! There are only a couple new products to share this month; I didn’t buy a ton of new things because of Christmas coming up. Nonetheless, I am enjoying these items and can’t wait to share my thoughts with you. Let’s get started!



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You can probably guess that this month’s Must-Read is another World War II drama. I just love reading about this era! However, Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly stands apart from any other war drama I’ve ever read. Let me tell you why….

Lilac Girls is a novel that is told through three different women’s perspectives of witnessing World War II. First, we are introduced to Caroline, an American socialite who helps with war relief efforts. Then, we meet Kasia, a Polish Jew who is sent to a concentration camp with her mother and sister. Lastly, we meet Herta, a German doctor working at the women-only Ravensbruck Concentration Camp, where Kasia and her family are sent.

Throughout the novel, the three women’s stories intertwine in different ways. Another factor that is unique about Lilac Girls is it covers a large amount of time in just enough detail; the story starts in 1939 and ends around 1958. I like that it didn’t just stop when the War ended; the story continued and you really got to see how the War effected each woman in later years.

This novel held my attention from the very first page till the very last. It is gripping, touching and at times even heart-wrenching.  Lilac Girls such a well-written novel; I truly believe any history lover like me will devour it. In fact, I let myself really savor it instead of just rushing through, eager to start another book (and I find myself doing that a lot) . You will want to be the same. It is one of my favorite books–and I am an avid reader!



It wouldn’t be fall without a bold lip color! After reading rave reviews about the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick, I decided to give it a try. I purchased the shade Nori–a cranberry, deep-red color. I really love Nori because it isn’t too dark or scary; the perfect shade of red for my medium skin tone.

The formula is also impressive; it is very rich, creamy and doesn’t drag like most matte-finish lipsticks.I like to apply Nori with a small lip brush or even my finger for a more natural look.  I would recommend exfoliating your lips before applying so the color doesn’t get patchy. Sometimes, I even apply a little clear balm on top to add a boost of moisture.



These lipsticks are really high quality and worth the extra money. Plus, they smell like lemonade and are made with natural ingredients. Who doesn’t love that?!


I didn’t think I would be a fan of Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara, but I decided to try it anyway. Turns out, I am pleasantly surprised by this item!

Usually, I gravitate toward volumizing mascaras with thick, fat wands and ultra-creamy formulas. This mascara is just the opposite.


This mascara may look delicate, but it packs major impact on your lashes. The wand is so unique; the spoon-shaped curve really conforms to the shape of your eyelid, so every lash is reached! The bristles are short and fine starting at your inner corners, but get longer as the wand branches out. I hope this makes sense!

The formula is equally creamy and waxy, so it goes on smooth but holds up nicely throughout the day. If you are craving lengthened, fluttery, dramatically defined lashes, I would go with this mascara. It also works wonders as a top coat for a volumizing mascara. It combs through lashes and separates them with ease, while giving them extra length.


That does it for this month of My Favorite Things. Hope you enjoy these items as much as I have!



4 thoughts on “My Favorite Things | November 2016

  1. Deanna Mariol says:

    Great quick review on the book! I was a little girl during WWII and it was a scary time. I will try to remember to tell you more about that another time.

    I love the color of the lipstick you featured!!

    Keep smiling, Deanna

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