Hidden beauty gems, fall 2016 | part two

A few weeks back, I did a post on a few of my favorite hidden beauty gems; items that I thought deserve a little more recognition in the world of beauty. I had so much fun sharing my thoughts with you all that I thought I would do a “part two” of that post.

Here are four more items that deserve more hype! Let’s take a look:


In my opinion, Revlon Highlighting Palette in Rose Glow is the best of both worlds. In fact, it is probably my favorite drugstore highlighter. SERIOUSLY! It is natural looking, while giving you a fresh, pinky-toned glow– without being the least bit chunky or glittery. In addition, it is super-affordable and the pigmentation is just right. It might as well be in a department store.

This little palette also works well for blurring harsh blush lines. If I happen to be heavy-handed when applying blush one day, I simply sweep this across my cheekbones and the blush blends right out! So nifty!

If you are looking for a high-quality, affordable highlighter, I strongly suggest this one. It will look pretty on all skin tones. I have repurchased this since I discovered it a year and a half ago!


Wet ‘N’ Wild is one of my favorite drugstore makeup brands! Each item is super-cheap, but is also very high quality–especially the blushes. Apri-Cot In The Middle is my favorite shade.

I love it, because you can honestly wear it year-round to give your cheeks a bronzy glow. It reminds me of a warm, more autumnal version of Milani’s Luminoso!

The important thing to know about Apri-Cot In The Middle is a little bit goes a long way! Since it contains gold shimmer, I just do a quick, small swirl, tap of the excess and apply to my cheeks. I am careful to not overdo it because I don’t want to look too shimmery.

With that being said, Apri-Cot In The Middle is still a really gorgeous shade. I think it would look best on medium to dark skin tones. Plus, this blush only costs around $3. You seriously cannot beat that! 🙂


ColourPop Lippie Stix in Lumiere is one of my favorite lip colors ever. I would describe it as a dusty pink shade with a mauve undertone. Lippie Stix are wonderful for multiple reasons; although they are dense like a lipstick, but glide on very easily, like a balm. The skinny tube is also ideal to easily throw in your purse, desk or car! Lumiere has a matte but very comfortable finish.

Lumiere is one of those practical, wear-every-day colors. I don’t even have to use a mirror when I apply! ColourPop isn’t available in stores, so you will have to order off the website. With that being said, this brand is super-affordable! You can afford to buy a couple of goodies without breaking the bank.


I stumbled upon this random find in Whole Foods this past spring. I’ve really enjoyed Valentina’s Home Brewed Natural Body Mist in Sunny Outlook ever since!

This stuff works so well as a room spray or body mist. It smells so good! It primarily smells like mandarin, but then it has this little twist of lemon. The dash of ginger at the end gives this mist just a tad of warm spiciness.

Sadly, the Whole Foods in my hometown no longer sells these products, so I will have to restock online when the time comes. When I ordered this for my sister and another flavor as well, I spoke to customer service on the phone. They were very nice and helpful!


Hope you enjoyed this installment of my favorite hidden beauty gems. I love each of these items, and hope you will too. 🙂



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