My five favorite country albums to listen to in the car

Listening to music is probably my all-time favorite hobby besides playing with makeup. It seems like I am listening to some type of music. Since I’ve grown up in the south my entire life, I tend to gravitate toward country music the most. I just feel like the songwriting is so relatable–and the melodies are catchy, too.

So today, I thought I would share with you all my five favorite country albums to listen to in the car! Since I don’t drive, I am most often playing deejay. These are albums I enjoy so much!



I first mentioned Meat And Candy by Old Dominion last year in my November Favorite Things post. It’s been nearly a year since this album was released, and I have STILL not grown tired of it!

Meat And Candy is SUCH a good contemporary country album. Old Dominion has an upbeat country sound with a dash of rock. They just have a very fun vibe about them; you can tell they enjoy what they do.  There is not a bad song on this album, really! They are all equally catchy. Each song has it’s own sound; none of them sound alike, which is refreshing.

KEY TRACKS: Snapback, Wrong Turns, Half Empty, Break Up With Him, We Got It Right….but I’ll just be honest with ya..the entire album is superb!


Kelsea Ballerini’s debut album, The First Time, also dropped just over a year ago, and she is already well on her way to superstardom. It’s just beyond crazy to me that three years ago she was one of my schoolmates!

Anyway, I would say that First Time definitely has a strong country-pop vibe. Most of the songs are fun and bubbly, like Dibs and Love Me Like You Mean It while a couple ballads, First Time and Secondhand Smoke have a more poignant feel. You can tell that Kelsea had a hand in writing each song; they are all personal and well-written. I can’t wait to see where she goes in the future!

KEY TRACKS: Love Me Like You Mean It, Peter Pan, Dibs, Sirens and Square Pegs.



One of my favorite duos, Brothers Osborne, have such a unique sound! I would say that their music is country, with southern rock, folk, and Americana mixed together. My mom and I saw them just last week in concert and they were incredible.

Pawn Shop definitely has more of a twangy, organic sound, which is a little bit different than what you hear on country radio these days. Lead singer TJ Osborne has a deep and smooth voice that reminds me of Hozier. His brother John is insanely talented on the guitar.

Again, each song on this album is catchy and fun to sing along to! These guys are a must-see live!

KEY TRACKS: 21 Summer, Stay A Little Longer, Pawn Shop and Greener Pastures.


Rolling Stone

I have raved about Maren Morris a few times now on here…

This gal is probably my favorite singer at the moment. She is just so darn talented. Her debut album, HERO, dropped just this summer–and she too is making waves in the country music world. I have WORN this CD out…every song is sooo good.

Maren Morris has such a sultry and smooth voice with an edge. My mom pointed out that she sounds a bit like Bonnie Raitt, which I can totally hear. Like Brothers Osborne, she has a very organic and soulful sound to her music. (Fun fact: She actually helped write a song or two on Pawn Shop.)

I highly encourage you to stop by Target to get the deluxe edition of the CD–the three extra songs are a must-have. You will love this album. Her songs are so catchy!

KEY TRACKS: Rich, My Church, Drunk Girls Don’t Cry, I Wish I Was. Again, each song on HERO is amazing. No filler tracks at all.



Thomas Rhett has been around for three years now, but in the past few months, he has really gotten my attention. For one, he and his wife came and spoke at Lipscomb a while ago (he is also an alum) and I really liked how down-to-earth and humble he is.

Tangled Up is his sophomore album. It is contemporary country with an R&B and pop influences. You can tell that he branched out on this album. I found that I like it more than his older songs! Like the previous albums I have talked about today, each song on Tangled Up is super fun to listen to; they each have their own sound. Die A Happy Man is such a sweet song and T-Shirt NEVER gets old no matter how many times I listen to it.

KEY TRACKS: Die A Happy Man, T-Shirt, Single Girl, Playing With Fire, Vacation and Learned It From The Radio. 


I hope you enjoy these just as much as I have! Whether you are traveling on a road trip or just down the street, these albums are so much fun to listen to on the go.



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