Please marvel at the beauty of Butter London Glazen Eye Glosses

Today, I can’t wait to tell you about these really cool eyeshadows that I have recently discovered!

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite YouTubers, KathleenLights, included Butter London Glazen Eye Glosses in her monthly favorites video. I was so taken by their beauty that I knew I had to try out these babies for myself.


There are four shades total in the collection, but I decided to buy Spark, a shimmery champagne color and Frosted, a shimmery rose gold. I figured these two were my best bet because they are the lightest and most wearable!

So far, I have been LOVING them! They are truly one of a kind. There really isn’t a product out there like these eye glosses. I would describe the texture as being jelly-like. Despite the gelatinous texture, when you smooth the gloss on your eyelid, it is so creamy and even. You don’t have to worry about it being patchy at all.


Spark (warm champagne gold)

 Since the formula is whipped and light, I would recommend prepping your eyelids with a sturdy base. First, I apply an eyelid primer like Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Eden. After that has dried down, I apply a vanilla-hued powder eyeshadow on top. These couple extra steps just makes sure your lids are a clean canvas and Eye Gloss ready!


Frosted (rose gold)

 When it is time to finally apply the Eye Gloss, I would suggest using your finger. This will help the product melt into your lids nicely! You only have to use a TINY amount of product, too. A little bit goes a looong way. They are incredibly pigmented, but still look natural. In my opinion, these eye glosses aren’t too flashy at all. They brighten up your eyes so well!

Each Butter London Glazen Eye Gloss comes in a little pot and is $25 each. This seems a little steep, but there isn’t anything on the market like these shadows. They are honestly worth the splurge!
The jelly-like formula is unique, and it’s not sticky at all. Staying power is also impressive; with the help of primer and setting powder, it stayed on all day.


From top: Spark and Frosted (the swatches don’t do these justice!)

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post! If you are looking to add a little shimmer to your makeup routine that is still subtle, I would suggest checking these out. 🙂



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