My favorite things: August 2016 edition

I have been looking forward to writing this post all month. There are some really cool things that I have stumbled across in August that I can’t wait to tell you about–skincare, beauty, music…let’s get right to it!



About a month or so ago, when I ordered the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette from Sephora, a small sample of Origins Original Skin Retexturizing Mask came with my order. Since I love face masks, I couldn’t wait to give this one a try. It really blew me away–I ended up purchasing a full-sized tube!

This face mask truly does what it claims! Because I have combination skin, I can get oily and dry all at the same time. The clay formula does a great job of buffing away dry patches while lightly moisturizing. It even has small Jojoba beads that exfoliate and hydrate.

It also has a very unique scent to it–it smells floral, but then it has a touch of earthiness to it as well. About a week ago, my cheeks were unusually dry, so I put this on to see if it would actually help. Turns out, it really does the job!

I will say that as the mask is drying down, you will feel a warming sensation on your face. Don’t worry, it won’t burn your skin. It only lasts for a few seconds! I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for smoother, more even skin.


This Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer isn’t a terribly exciting product, but it has made a big difference to me lately.

Like everyone else, I like to use lotion to moisturize my skin. While my favorite lotion (Philosophy Amazing Grace) isn’t the least bit greasy, I have found that it takes a while to soak into my hands after I apply. This can be a problem when I have to get up and go on my walker. I cannot get a good grip on the plastic handles–talk about slipping!

So, if your looking for a nice, fast-absorbing lotion that isn’t greasy, I suggest picking this one up. The formula is very thin, so it won’t take long to soak in. I just have to wait about 20 seconds for it to dry as opposed to five minutes for regular lotion.



Beauty vloggers have been raving about the new Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara lately, so of course I have to try it, too. Let me tell ya, this mascara is the real deal!

I would describe it as a more intense version of Benefit They’re Real! Mascara. The formula itself is super-creamy, thick and black. Since the wand is plastic, loads of product is loaded on there each time you use it. The wand isn’t as dense as the Benefit Mascara. From the first stroke, my lashes look immediately more full and long.

Since the formula is so thick and the wand is very spikey, there is a good chance that your lashes will clump a bit. But if you work with the wand a while, you can work those clumps right out! Just be careful to not poke yourself in the eye.

I will say also that this mascara takes about a minute or so to fully dry, so try not to blink! Nonetheless, Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara has really impressed me. If you’re looking for a bold, false lash look, this is it!


A couple weeks ago, I randomly picked up Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Fireball and it has quickly become one of my favorites. I truly don’t have anything like it; the color is a mix of bright pink and orange with a hint of purple.

While that seems really bold and scary, the formula is actually very sheer, so it’s not quite as loud. I love to layer it on top of a cream eyeshadow. It just adds a little something extra, like a holographic effect. So cool!

A good read


While I love all things beauty-related, I am also a HUGE history nerd.

This month, I read America’s First Daughter by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie. It is a historical fiction novel that follows the life of Patsy Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson’s oldest daughter. I absolutely LOOOOVED it.

While it doesn’t have a focused, action-packed storyline, this novel moved along so nicely. I never found it to be dry or boring! Even though it is based upon true events, it was fascinating to read about the close, yet sometimes complicated relationship of Patsy and President Jefferson.

Without a doubt, Patsy was one strong woman. Since her mother died when she was young, she had to care for her younger sister while even influencing some of her father’s major decisions. She went on to birth many children and become a strong matriarch who had to deal with a sometimes hostile, insecure husband.

All-in-all, America’s First Daughter is a must-read. I wholeheartedly enjoyed it!



Image Credit: Wikipedia

THIS SONG IS SO GOOD. If you have not yet heard Vice by Miranda Lambert, you need to go listen!!!

I have to be honest. It’s been a few years since Miranda has really put a song out that has impressed me. My last favorite was The House That Built Me. 

Everything about Vice is perfect, y’all. The lyrics, the production, everything. The media hasn’t been very nice to her ever since she and Blake divorced last year. In Vice, Miranda does a great job of owning up to all of her faults and mistakes. This song is PACKED with honesty and emotion–what music is all about!

I love that the song has a dark, sultry feeling to it. The popping sound of the vinyl record just ties the song together nicely. And, every guitar riff is so unique.

Vice is such a well-written song. I applaud Miranda and her co-writers. GIVE HER A GRAMMY RIGHT NOW! Can’t wait for her new album.

So there you have it, my favorite things for August! Hope you enjoyed reading.



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