Three pretty blushes for everyday wear

Good evening!

Today I decided to whip up a quick blog post talking about my three favorite blushes for everyday wear.


I know that picking out the correct blush for your skin tone can be hard. So many colors! So many finishes! Luckily, I’ve done the homework for you. These are blushes that look pretty on the daily; not too blingy or glittery. They will wake your complexion up and give you a beautiful, natural-looking flush.


If you are new at wearing blush, or don’t know what shade to go after, I would suggest purchasing Benefit Cosmetics Blush in Hervana. It is pretty much impossible to over-apply. In fact, I would even say that Hervana is my most favorite blush of all time. It’s true! This blush is unique. As you can see, it is made up of a swirl of four different shades: fresh pink, peach, orchid and this lovely highlighting shade. It gives you such nice dimension. I love to swirl my blush brush in all the colors and apply it to the apples of my cheeks.

Hervana is primarily matte with the exception of the pale pink shimmery highlight. This blush deposits such a healthy dose of freshness on your complexion! I will never be without it! I know that $30 seems to be a little steep to spend on blush, but trust me–it is worth EVERY penny.

Plus, Hervana has a faint fragrance of what smells like SweetTarts! Don’t worry, it doesn’t break you out. 🙂

FullSizeRender (1)

I purchased MAC Powder Blush in Mocha just this past week, but I am already loving it! I would describe Mocha as a muted plum-mauve with a matte finish. It is slightly darker than Hervana.

Mocha has such nice pigmentation. You would think that since it has a matte finish, it would be heavily pigmented. But that is not the case. I found it to be very wearable and buildible. No need to worry about over-doing it!

I really love Mocha because it is such a classic shade that will work year-round. There is something that’s both retro and modern about the color. The dusty plum-mave would look good on anyone!


Lastly, we have Wet ‘N’ Wild ColorIcon Blush in Apri-Cot In The Middle. I would describe it has a muted apricot shade with a soft, gold shimmer finish. So pretty!

Of all the blushes I’ve mentioned, Apri-Cot In The Middle is by far the most pigmented. Be sure to use a light hand when applying! Although this blush has a slightly shimmery finish, I still feel that it is appropriate enough to wear every day.

I like to apply this blush in an upward direction from the apples of my cheeks to near the temples. That way, all of the shimmer isn’t just in one place.  Also, the combination of the apricot and the gold makes you look like you have a nice tan.

Best of all, Apri-Cot In The Middle is super-affordable. I found it for around $2.50 at Walmart!

Hope you enjoyed this very quick blog post! I hope it helps solve the search for your perfect blush shade!



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