Best drugstore beauty buys of the summer, part one!

In today’s post, I’m going to share with you all some of my favorite drugstore beauty buys I came across this summer. This post is long overdue; I have had these products since May and June! Oh well, at least I got a good feel for how well they work. Let’s take a look!

FullSizeRender (4)

First off, we have Circa Beauty UltraSuede Cream Blush in Imperia. I purchased this at Walgreens!  I would describe this blush as a universally flattering, pearly, baby-pink. The formula glides on so smoothly to my skin; it honestly does feel like suede! You don’t have to worry about it balling up. You can also build it up to however bold you want it, and it won’t feel greasy or cakey. I am so impressed with this product! $12 does seem a bit expensive for a drugstore cream blush, but I say it’s worth it. Imperia lasts all day! Plus, the packaging is so elegant and pretty. The black and gold reminds me of Chanel, and the cream blush comes in a glass pot. Classy!

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Up next, we have Jordana Cosmetics EasyLiner Lip Pencil in Baby Berry. Again, I purchased this at Walgreens. I cannot stress enough how much I love this lip liner! As the name suggests, it is a berry-pink shade with a hint of mauve. Baby Berry also has a matte finish. I am a big fan of the formula; it is just perfect. It’s not too dry where it can drag, but it’s not too creamy either. It’s the ideal consistency for a lip liner. My favorite lipstick to pair it with is MAC Creme Cup. Sometimes, I fill in my entire lips with Baby Berry and top it with clear balm; it looks so natural.  Best of all, this liner cost just two bucks! You can’t beat that.

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Although I was blessed with thick, full brows, I love to define them just a little bit more. To do so, I’ve been using Milani Cosmetics EasyBrow Pencil in Dark Brown. Like the lip liner, it is the perfect consistency; not too soft or dry. The pigmentation is also nice; it’s not too bold, so you can build it. The spool brush on the end does a great job of blending your pencil strokes out to a natural finish. I highly recommend this pencil if you’re looking for something affordable to fill your brows in. This cost around $10, but it lasts a while!

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Makeup setting spray may seem like a gimmick, but I truly think it is a must to help your makeup stay in place! For the longest, I used Urban Decay’s All-Nighter Setting Spray, but then I searched for something affordable. Soon after, I found Elf’s Setting Spray, but it didn’t do a single thing for me!

A couple months ago, I picked up NYX Cosmetics Matte Finish Setting Spray. The first time I used it, I thought it was another dud. But I decided to not give up on it so quickly, and I’m glad I didn’t. This product truly works wonders. It seals your makeup while giving you a matte, BUT still very natural-looking finish! Just a tip: Don’t be afraid to be generous with this spray. I like to cover my face with about eight spritzes. It costs around eight dollars, which I think is pretty good for such a high-quality product. I will definitely continue to repurchase!


Lastly, we have Essie Nail Lacquer in Lots of Lux. I have probably worn this polish around four times already this summer, which is a lot for me! Lots of Lux is so pretty; it’s a sapphire-blue polish loaded with blue, silver, and a little bit of purple glitter. There is only one downside to this polish–it chips easily. But in a way, I don’t mind the chipping. Glitter is always difficult to remove from nails. But since this polish is prone to chipping within the first couple days, it makes removal easier. I don’t have to scrub my nails so hard! Nonetheless, it is worth purchasing this polish just for the pretty color.

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From top: Imperia, Baby Berry and Dark Brown

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post. Stay tuned for part two coming soon!



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