My favorite things: July 2016 edition

I’m so happy to be blogging again after a fun beach vacation that I took with my family and friends earlier this month! As always, I am going to share with you all the things that caught my attention in July. I’ve covered all the bases; beauty, a good read and playlist. Let’s get started….



Along with every other beauty blogger and vlogger, I am completely OBSESSED with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. I cannot get over how beautiful each and every one of these shadows are! When I first looked at the colors, I thought they were not very wearable; only appropriate for night wear. But as I experimented with it, I realized that you can really and truly wear these shadows during the day too!

This palette has such a lovely range of colors; from neutrals to golds, to oranges and taupes with a couple pops of pink and red in there. One of the factors that makes these shadows are so wearable is the way they are formulated. To me, each shadow is pigmented perfectly. They are not ultra-creamy like Lorac shadows, yet they aren’t super powdery like my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette.

Each shadow is buildable, which makes you can make it as bold or subtile as you like. They also BLEND like a DREAM! Some of the shadows appear really dark and bold at first, but as you blend them, they begin to really look natural. I like to wear the more neutral colors on my lid, and then add the pink, red or orange to my crease.

I would strongly recommend this palette to anyone. $40 for 14 beautiful eyeshadows is a pretty good deal! Also, I would suggest using separate brushes instead of the one included. Real Techniques and Elf have really high-quality yet affordable brushes!


I was really sad when Garnier for some reason discontinued their facial oil cleanser earlier this year. It was my favorite! I tried the Neutrogena Oil Cleanser, but I wasn’t happy with it; I didn’t like the thin consistency of the oil or the smell.

I picked up this No. 7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Oil at Ulta earlier this month and have been loving it ever since! I know that cleaning your skin with oil sounds scary, but please hear me out. I apply about 4 to 5 pumps to my dry face in the morning, then let it sit for a couple minutes while I brush my teeth. It wipes off with no residue, and my face feels incredibly soft.

I love how the consistency of this cleansing oil is so velvety. There is a slight smell, but it is not annoying at all.  The oil truly feels like it cleans your face while being gentle. There are a lot of pricy oil cleansers out there, but this one cost me around $12. I bet it will last me around three months. Not bad! I will for sure purchase again. If you have dry or combination skin, I’d give this a try!

FullSizeRender (1)

I have quite a collection of lip balms by my bed, and this Glossier Coconut Balm Dotcom is one of my favorites. Obviously, this salve smells like toasted coconut. I love that it doesn’t smell artificial. Glossier has become known for their salves; I want to try every one. The only way these salves would be even better is if they actually had a taste to them instead of just a scent! The tube is also simple to travel with. 🙂

FullSizeRender (2)

My friend Jennifer sells Jamberry and she sent me these super cute nail decals! I’m not good at intricate nail art, so these are a fun, easy way to add some creativity to a mani or pedi. I can’t wait to try them for myself! If you are interested in purchasing any Jamberry products, here is Jennifer’s profile. This company has an unbelievably wide range of designs, so there is honestly something for everyone!

A Good Read

FullSizeRender (3)

Image Credit: Washington Post

I read One Plus One by Jojo Moyes while I was at the beach and I loved every bit of it! At the bottom of the front cover of my book, there’s a quote by People that claims this novel is a mix of the movies Little Miss Sunshine and Bridget Jones’s Diary. Since those are two of my favorite movies, I knew that I would enjoy this story!

One Plus One tells the story of young, optimistic, single mom Jess, and her dysfunctional family. Early in the novel, it is clear that she and her two kids are having money troubles. Jess has a mathematically gifted daughter, Tanzie, and a quiet, “goth” stepson, Nicky. After Tanzie is asked to compete in a prestigious math competition, Jess loads the kids and family dog up in a vintage, rickety Rolls Royce and heads to Scotland for the competition.

Anyway, the car breaks down. A wealthy businessman, Ed, who is having money troubles of a completely different volume, offers to drive them to Scotland. Along the way, they encounter multiple mishaps,but continue to grow together after the competition.

This novel may seem airy and predictable, but I found it to be just the opposite. While it is easy to read, there are some really deep themes in here about what it means to be a family. I really love how the chapters alternate points of view. You get to know each of the major characters; I feel like that made this novel really profound. There is a good amount of comedy, along with some drama and romance as well. I was sad when I finished it!  One Plus One is definitely on my “favorite books” list.

June/July Playlist


Hope you all enjoyed this post; I know it’s a bit longer than usual. 🙂 I have a lot more beauty favorites, so I’ll post about those soon.



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