My top four favorite fragrances!

To me, wearing fragrance is like adding the “cherry on top” to your outfit. Some days, I feel like wearing a lighter scent, while other days I feel like wearing something more dramatic. Nonetheless, I love perfume! I’ve never been one of those people who can stay faithful to just one. I have several that I really enjoy.


So today, I thought I would share with you all my top four favorite fragrances! They are all  different from one another, but they all smell so wonderful. Let’s check it out!


First, we have Chloe Eau de Parfum. I featured the travel-sized version of this fragrance a few months back on one of my “Favorite Things” posts. I ended up using the entire thing; I loved it so much that I ultimately asked for a full-sized bottle as a graduation present!

I LOOOVE Chloe. It is the perfect balance of a fresh, floral yet warm fragrance. When you first spray it, you notice how light and airy it is. But as the scent settles, these floral notes start coming out. A little while later, you smell this very elegant, honey undertone. Chloe is a great example of a classic, comforting fragrance. I fall more and more in love with it each time I wear it!


Last summer, I got this deluxe rollerball of Elizabeth and James Nirvana White with my Beauty Insider Points at Sephora. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do! Nirvana White is like a slightly more youthful and fun version of Chloe. It has the same fresh, floral notes but also has a slight muskiness to it. Also, I feel like it has a bubbly effervescence at the same time! Nirvana White is another fragrance that is light, airy and fun–perfect for summer!


Givenchy Hot Couture Eau de Toilette is one of my most favorite fragrances of all time! I remember reading an article about Taylor Swift seven years ago, and she said that this was one of her favorite scents. A few months later, I got the chance to meet her and when she hugged me, I realized that she was wearing Hot Couture!  I came home from the meet-and-greet and almost immediately purchased the rollerball of this perfume. I used all of that, and a few years later I decided to invest in a bottle of it.

Hot Couture is a warm and spicy scent, unlike the two previous fragrances I have mentioned. When you first spray it, you immediately smell the vanilla. As it settles, you smell the spicinss and muskiness of the scent. In addition to all that warmth, I’ve found that Hot Couture also has a very subtle sugary note in it that serves as such a nice contrast. But don’t worry, the sweetness does not cheapen this scent at all!

Hot Couture also has very nice staying power; one spray goes a long way!


Lastly, we have Prada Candy Eau de Parfum. This is another fragrance that I love more and more each time I wear it! I purchased this when my family and I traveled to Germany last year. As you can see by the nearly-empty bottle, I have really enjoyed it! 🙂

I would describe Prada Candy as being both warm and sweet at the same time. Unlike Hot Couture, it’s not quite as intense or spicy. Rather, Candy is more of a caramel-based scent. It has a little bit of vanilla in there to sweeten it up. But, my favorite part of Candy is the powdery-ness of it.

I know that scents described as “powdery” make us think of that “grandma” smell. But that’s not the case with Prada Candy. I have found that the powdery-ness really gives a nice balance to the vanilla and caramel. It smells very natural. In all, this fragrance is so warm and comforting; I love to wear it in the fall and winter!


I hope you all have enjoyed reading this post. Not only do I love wearing fragrances because they complete my outfit, but they also trigger happy memories! Maybe this post will help you find your new favorite fragrance!!

Have a fabulous day!



2 thoughts on “My top four favorite fragrances!

  1. Deanna Mariol says:

    Hi! I just read and loved your blog about your fav perfumes! Very informative!!! Jane is in the air as I type this heading to Atlanta from Ohio after a wonderful week long visit me! It was so much fun…we ate and laughed and ate and laughed and repeated the drill almost nonstop!

    Smiles to you, Deanna (Jane’s sister)

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