My top four favorite eyeliners!

Now that summer is nearly in full swing and warm weather is upon us, sometimes I don’t feel like wearing a full face of makeup. If I’m spending time around the house, a lot of times I’ll just wear eye makeup and a little lip color.


So today, I thought I would share with you all my top four favorite eyeliners! After all, I feel like “having my eyes on” every day makes me look put together even if I’m just hanging out. Best of all, the liners are affordable. Let’s take a look!


First, we have Sephora Collection Diamond Eyeliner in Cushion Cut. I purchased this product last fall, and it is STILL one of my go-to items in my beauty collection. This liner is a smooth, black crayon with a hint of silver shimmer. Despite the fact that it does contain sparkle, it is so subtle that it is suitable for daily wear. In fact, I feel like it really brightens my eyes when I wear it! It glides on so smoothly and has fantastic staying power. This liner is around $14; even with the slightly steep price tag, it is worth every penny. I will definitely purchase again and try more colors, too!


Up next, we have ColourPop Creme Gel Colour in Swerve. I first introduced this liner just a couple posts back in my very first ColourPop haul. So far, I am still a fan of it! Swerve is just a simple, classic black gel eyeliner. I reach for it when I’m in the mood to wear a cat-eye. As the name suggests, the formula is smooth and creamy. The finish is very natural; I wouldn’t say it is completely glossy or matte. When using this, I would suggest working quickly because the creme gel dries rapidly and is smudge resistant! Also, be sure to screw the lid on tightly to prevent the liner from drying. ColourPop products are super duper affordable; I can’t wait to make my next purchase. I will keep you all posted!


As you can see, I have thoroughly enjoyed using this L’Oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner in Brown. In fact, this is the second time I have purchased this product, and I know I will continue to do so! I have suggested this liner to a couple people, and they love it just as much as me. This liner is unique; even though it has a crayon texture, it glides on so smoothly that it has a liquid-like finish. It doesn’t drag on my lids and stays on all day.  If you make a mistake, you can just blur it out with the smudge tool on the end. I’m so impressed that an affordable liner can have such high-quality results.


Lastly, we have NYX Cosmetics Slide-On Eye Pencil in Tropical Green. I actually purchased this liner last year. Even though I loved it, for some reason I always forgot about it and only wore it a few times! Nonetheless, I am looking forward to wearing it more this summer. The formula is such a dream; it is incredibly creamy! I barely have to apply pressure then I put it on. Like the L’Oreal liner I just talked about, this one also has a liquid-like finish. This “Tropical Green” color is more of a green-blue teal, and is perfect for summer! The finish is shiny and has a pretty sheen to it, too. These NYX liners come in such a wide range of colors, so there’s a shade for everyone!


From top: Cushion Cut, Swerve, Brown and Tropical Green

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post! Eyeliner is one of my favorite cosmetics to play with because there are so many colors and textures to play with.

I do have a quick question before I go: Does anyone have a suggestion for liquid liner? For the past few months, I’ve been using Maybelline Line Stiletto, but I’m unimpressed with it because it tends to be streaky and uneven. What is your favorite liquid eyeliner? Please let me know. 🙂

Have a fabulous day!



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