My favorite things: April 2016 edition

I have just realized that this will be my last “Favorite Things” post as a college student. AHH! In just about two and a half weeks, I will have my diploma and this chapter in my life will come to a close. Talk about bittersweet! I’ve been experiencing so many different emotions lately that I feel a bit scatterbrained–but hey, that’s okay!

Anywho, let’s get on with talking about my favorite things for the month of April. Once again, I have tried to incorporate a nice mix of beauty, fashion, and a couple other neat things. Let’s get started!


FullSizeRender (2)

About a month and a half ago, I went to a Jessie James Decker concert with a friend. Jessie just so happens to be a spokesperson for this fave4 hair care line, so a little booth was set up at the concert displaying various products. For about a year or so, I’ve been looking for a cream or gel that would help me enhance my natural waves. One cream I tried was wayyy too sticky, and another high end air-dry cream was just too expensive for me. Luckily, this stuff does the trick for me!

After I shower and wash my hair, I comb it, and apply this fave4 Up For Air Air Dry Cream. You don’t have to worry about over-applying because this gel-cream is non-greasy and weightless. This may sound a little obvious but the more you apply, the wavier your hair will be in the morning! I don’t be shy because I love for my hair to be really wavy, almost curly! And, it makes your hair nice and shiny.

Another thing I like about this gel-cream is that it smells really nice! The scent is unique; it smells really fresh, but doesn’t smell like a typical “fresh” scent. It almost has like a little bit of sophistication to it. Plus, this bottle only cost around $15, so you get a lot of product for not a ton of money. On a side note, I really want to try Jessie’s hair perfume….has anyone tried it yet???


I am super excited to start breaking out my bold and bright lip colors for the upcoming warm months. In fact, I’m already planning on doing a post dedicated to my favorite bold, springy lip products, so stay tuned!

The other day I was at Sephora and decided to purchase this unique lip pencil, Sephora Collection Rouge Gel Lip Liner in Wine-O. Although it was a bit of an impulse, I am sooo happy I got it, because I’m already in love! I know it is technically a liner, but I have been filling in my lips with it and treating it like a normal lip color.

While standard lip liners tend to be really draggy and drying, this one is different. It reminds me of a dense, gel-like balm. Having said that, it is not super creamy so it does take some conciseness and effort when you apply. It takes me a couple extra minutes to get the pigment nice and even, but it is GORGEOUS at the end. Wine-O is a raspberry-reddish shade. So pretty! And, you don’t even have to worry about applying balm over it because it is non-drying. The staying power is impressive, too!  I would definitely recommend trying  these liners.

FullSizeRender (4)

So gorgeous and pigmented!


FullSizeRender (3)

Lately, I’ve been enjoying taking a break from big statement earrings and wearing more delicate pieces instead. These two pairs of earrings are just a couple of my favorites!

A good friend of mine recently traveled to Japan and brought me back some really neat goodies, including these pearl and bow earrings. They are so cute and unique; I’ve never seen anything like them. Obviously the pearl goes in my piercing, but then there’s this pink bow that hangs down! I’ve really loved wearing these.

The next pair of earrings is from one of my favorite designers, Betsey Johnson. I’ve also been reaching for these rustic gold angel wings a lot too, lately. I especially love the tiny rhinestone accents.

A good read 


When I was in sixth grade, I was obsessed with the movie Walk The Line, and that is not an exaggeration. I have probably seen that movie a total of 75 times. I used to know every line and had every song memorized! I can’t believe it’s taken me ten years to want to sit down and read Johnny Cash’s autobiography, Cash.

I’m not finished with it yet, but I can already tell you that it is worth a read. I love how Cash writes this memoir in such a conversational manner, like you are really visiting with him and talking about his life. I love to read other people’s stories, and see how they have overcome their struggles and have become the person they are today.

I know that Cash has passed way now, but I think it’s fascinating to read about his life. From how he dealt with his older bother’s death when he was young, to overcoming drug addiction multiple times….this man sure did live one heck of a life. It’s hard to put down!


Here are some songs I’ve listened to for the past month. There’s some country, pop, Christian music, alternative…I also included a song from my friend’s band, RAINEY. Y’all need to check them out. They are going places!

Have a fabulous day!




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