My Favorite Things: December 2015 Edition

Hey, friends!
I’m so sorry it has been a while since I have blogged. Between wrapping up the semester and the holiday season bustle, I haven’t had time to write! Nonetheless, I’m happy to share with y’all just a couple of my favorite things for the month of December.


This month I’ve really been enjoying NYX Creamy Lipstick in Thalia. This shade has been pinned to my Pinterest board for a while; I was sooo excited when I found it in the store. I would describe it as a nude-pink with a slight brown undertone. It reminds me of my natural lip shade, but better! Don’t let the plastic packaging trick you into thinking this is a cheap product; the formula is rich and creamy. In fact, I don’t have to use a mirror when I apply because it’s so smooth. Plus, it has a light, fresh fragrance. This is definitely worth a buy! I like pairing it with my Peek-A-Boo Neutral Lip Liner.

Wearing Thalia Lipstick with Peek-A-Boo Neutral Lip Liner, both from NYX

Wearing Thalia Lipstick with Peek-A-Boo Neutral Lip Liner, both from NYX


I got this Kate Spade Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Christmas, and I’m loving it! Probably my favorite thing to do is listen to music; on the radio, in my room, and especially going to concerts. This speaker sure does come in handy. No longer do I have to rely on my phone when I listen to iTunes radio, and I can even connect my iPod to it as well! I look forward to using it daily. Plus, it’s pink and I love the saying printed on the front. So cute!


I’m obsessed with this NorthFace Vest I also got for Christmas! I love how it is super light, but also super warm! This is bound to be a new staple in my wardrobe with cold temperatures just around the corner (let’s hope; we’ve had an abnormally warm winter down south!) The shiny black material will give any outfit a chic, polished edge!

Hope you all enjoyed reading this Favorite Things post! Sorry it’s a little bit short. I did receive lots of exciting beauty items over the holidays so I will be back soon reviewing those. Please stay tuned! 🙂

Have a fabulous day!



4 thoughts on “My Favorite Things: December 2015 Edition

  1. Deanna Mariol says:

    Loved this blog as I love all of them! Your words flow soft and warm with a fun kick! Wishing you Happy New Year and sending best wishes for you in 2016! ❤️

    (Jane’s sister Deanna)

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