My Favorite Things: October Edition

Hello everyone!

Today I’m here to talk about my favorite things for October. Let’s cut right to the chase!

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I’ve realized that I haven’t blogged about a favorite tea since my very first ‘Favorite Things’ post almost a year ago. This Yogi Ginger Tea is pretty much all I’ve been drinking for the past week. I loooove it. Ginger just makes me feel so warm and fall-y! When I finish steeping it, I add a little honey to make it sweet. It tastes so good. I recommend.

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Up next, we have this Aussie Sprunch Hairspray. I have mentioned a couple of times on here that a few months ago I cut my hair and have loved my shorter ‘do ever since. My hair no longer is as thin and tangly as it used to be, mostly because I stopped brushing it as much, and I only wash it every other day or so. This product is so so great because it’s like a styling tonic and hairspray in one. I used to have to wet my hair to get it to naturally curl and then seal the deal with hairspray. But Sprunch makes the job quicker and easier! I just spray it all over my hair, scrunch it, and I’m ready to go. Plus, this stuff makes my style last through the day and it’s not tacky or sticky.

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If you’ve read my blog for the past couple years, you might notice that I talk about Laura Geller’s Spackle Makeup Primer A TON. Words cannot describe how much I love it! Like every other makeup junkie, occasionally I’ll stray and try a new primer. But I always keep coming back to Spackle! This time, I decided to purchase one of the tinted primers, Ethereal.  So far, I love it just as much as the original. It has a pearly, slightly bronzed glow to it…so pretty! Whenever I pump it out on my hand I always marvel at how pretty it looks against my skin. Sounds funny, but true! The gel-cream texture just melts so nicely into skin and makes you feel so fresh. Every woman should have this in her beauty collection!

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I first blogged about Prada Candy Kiss this summer when I talked about my European Beauty Finds. Now that we are more into the fall season, I’m wearing this warm, comforting scent a lot more often! I’m usually a fan of more spicy scents in the cold months, but this one is more on the mellow side. It has notes of caramel, vanilla, musk, and just a little hint of a powder scent. To be a warm fragrence, there is also something really natural and wearable about it–it’s not too overbearing. I’m a fan!

source: movieweb

source: movieweb

A couple nights ago, a friend and I went to the movies and saw The Intern. At first, I didn’t know how I was going to feel about it because it wasn’t advertised a lot and I hadn’t heard anyone really talking about it. The movie is about a man (Robert De Niro)  who decides to intern at this hip, trendy clothing company. His boss (Anne Hathaway) is very driven and unapproachable. Basically the whole movie is about their adventures together and how De Niro begins to influence her life and make her realize what’s important. This movie is SO SWEET! Go see it, you won’t regret it!!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite things for October. What are some products that have caught your eye this month?

Have a fabulous day!



6 thoughts on “My Favorite Things: October Edition

  1. asprinkleofphoebe says:

    Lovely post! The Intern is absolutely amazing! If you have time, please visit my newest blog post ‘Autumn Picks’. Thank you and keep posting! ❤

  2. Deanna Mariol says:

    Hello again Lyndi! Just purchased Rum Raisin by Revlon…great color for Fall and me! Thanks again for recommending it!!

    Jane’s sister Deanna

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