My favorite things: September edition

Hey everyone!

I can’t believe it’s almost the end of September! This month sure has flown by very quickly. Senior year is in full swing; I’m busy, but happy and excited to learn new things in my classes. Anyway, let’s talk about my favorite things for this month…

A good movie: Love & Mercy

source: cinemacircle

source: cinema circle

If you’ve been looking for a good movie to watch, I would suggest Love & Mercy. This film chronicles the hugely talented but tortured Brian Wilson, who was a member of the Beach Boys (and still performs today.)  I thought it was interesting how the film alternated between the 1960’s and 1990’s. You were able to see why Wilson is the way he is. Without a doubt, this genius musician has overcome obstacles in his life, and the film does a great job showing how he overcame them.

Some good tunes: Pageant Material by Kacey Musgraves

source: country weekly

source: country weekly

To be honest, I’ve been listening to this album since it came out in June, and I’ve just now gotten around to talking about it on here! Plus, this would be the perfect time to talk about it because I just saw Kacey at the Ryman Auditorium this past Thursday. She blew me away with her superb performances!

Anyway, if you’re looking for an album that’s pure country music, Pageant Material is your best bet. Musgraves’ honest and sassy songs will become your favorites. What are my favorite tracks? Pageant Material, Family Is Family, Dime Store Cowgirl and Good Ol’ Boys Club.  Musgraves’ latest effort won’t disappoint! She reminds me of this generation’s answer to Loretta Lynn. She’s got a really strong and independent vibe about her that is really likable.

Kacey performing at the Ryman last week. I loved every minute!

Kacey performing at the Ryman last week. I loved every minute!

Favorite accessory of the moment: my new shades ❤


Every now and then, everybody’s gotta allow themselves to splurge on a special item. That’s just what I did when I bought these Dolce and Gabbana Almond Flower Sunglasses. I love them so, so much! They are so classy and timeless, I really believe they’ll never go out of style. I love the shape of them because it reminds me of a modern take on a classic cat-eye shape. It’s still got that feminine curve, but then it’s got these edgy chunkiness to it. I know I’ll wear these for years! That’s the good thing about splurging on a good pair of sunglasses; they’re high-quality so they’ll last a long time. 🙂



I know that Fall is here and all, but I have really been enjoying painting my nails white lately. I feel like it’s a nice departure from the normal pinks and other colors people wear. Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish in Porcelain Party is what I’ve been wearing. I was surprised by the nice quality of the polish despite it costing around $4! Just two coats of this stuff will give you a shiny and opaque finish.

Hope you all enjoyed this edition of My Favorite Things! I always enjoy sharing my thoughts with y’all.

Have a fabulous day!



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