24 Questions Beauty Tag

Hey friends!
Figured it was time to do another beauty tag. Here we go!

1. Do you apply your foundation with a brush, sponge, or fingers?
My fingers and a brush! I usually apply my foundation with my fingers, then use a powder and brush to set.
2. Do you apply your eyeshadow from light to dark or dark to light?
Light to dark.
3. Do you prime your eyes?
Most of the time! Sometimes I slack because I’m in a rush. But priming really does make a difference.
4. Concealer first, or after foundation?
 5. Go for manicures, or manicure yourself?
Do them myself. Gotta save a little money here and there.
6. Exfoliate lips, face or both?
7. On average, how long does it take you to do your make up?
Probably 25 min. But I can speed if I need to!
8. Do you wear make up everyday and everywhere?
Yes. I absolutely love wearing makeup. It’s a hobby!
9. What release are you most excited about? (Makeup)
Today I read that Urban Decay and Gwen Stefani are collaborating. That will be exciting!
10. What’s your weakness? Shoes, purses, clothes, jewelry, eye shadow, lipstick or other?
:Lipstick! You can never have too many 🙂
11. Do you whiten your teeth?
. No.
12. Wax eyebrows, or pluck?
.I get them waxed about once a month, but I always have to tweeze between appointments because they get unruly quickly!!
13. What do you use to contour?
I don’t really contour.
14. False lashes, or natural?
I looooove to pile on mascara! 

15. Favourite make up brand? 
Benefit and Maybelline.
16. Liquid eye-liner, pencil or gel?
Liquid and pencil!
17. Lipstick, lipgloss or chapstick?
Lipstick is my favorite.
18. Pigments, pressed or cream eye shadow?
19. If you had to wear only one thing, excluding foundation; what would it be?
Probably blush. It gives your face color!
20. Favourite colour?
Pink and lavender.
21. Favourite colour combination?
Gold and bronze
22. Natural or dramatic? (Eye Makeup)
23. Do you care more for quality or name brand?
24. Do you enjoy using face masks? If so, which ones?
I like Nugg ones and Freeman ones.

I tag whoever reads this post. Hope you enjoyed!



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