Everybody’s a somebody

“Everyone has a purpose.”

That’s a phrase we often hear in life, especially in college.

Without a doubt, my college years have been some of the happiest in my life so far. I have honestly enjoyed every day. I have met TONS of wonderful people; people who have actually helped shape my character. I am also blessed to enjoy the classes that I take. Everything is good!

drop off day

Drop off day at college nearly THREE years ago. CRAZY!

Although I am pretty confident on what road I want to take in life (to be a writer), I have had moments in the past (and still have one or two every now and then) where I feel like I don’t know exactly which direction to go.

Like I just said, college has been so good to me. But one of the slightly scary elements about it is that you have to start making all these important decisions. There’s times where I’ve felt like a tumbleweed because there are sooo many options to choose from–I’m just tumbling freely waiting to see where God puts me.

During that waiting time, you can start to feel lost–I know I have before. You start to pray to God for direction and feel frustrated when you feel like He’s just taking His time! You wonder if you will ever figure out who you wanna be.

Well, I’m here to tell ya something. Don’t ever lose faith in yourself. I know it sounds really simple and cliche, but God has a plan for everyone. And you may not see a clear plan for a long time, but you know what? That’s okay. That’s the beauty of life–you never know what’s gonna happen.

Think about it, if we were born with instruction manuals that told us every move to make, there would be no meaning in life. We would get no fulfillment out of anything! Life is supposed to be full of twists, turns and even uncertainty at times. That’s when we learn the most about ourselves.

Don’t ever feel like you’re just floating around in life with no purpose. EVERYBODY is a SOMEBODY. And God is going to use you. You have to have the courage and faith to see what He has in store.

Be open minded, too! I mentioned a couple of posts back that I thought I was supposed to be a nurse when in reality God was leading me into journalism all along. Also, up until a year and a half ago I was scared to start a blog because I thought I didn’t have the voice for it. Now, I absolutely love blogging! It truly brings me joy!  That just goes to show that you never know what God has up His sleeve for you. 🙂

So, if you’re having a hard time figuring out who you’re supposed to be or what you’re supposed to do in life, I’m telling you to hang tight! It’s okay to feel uncertain/nervous/lost/sad/mad/confused and everything in between. I’ve been there, and I still experience those feelings from time to time. But I can also tell you that God created you for a specific reason, and He’s never gonna leave you hanging. You just have to be BRAVE and be willing to GO where He leads you.


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