A look at my makeup brushes!

Hey friends!

It is no secret that I LOVE LOVE LOVE posting about makeup on here. I enjoy telling you all about a new lipstick, blush, mascara or other product I’ve bought! But there’s one thing that I have yet to write about…the specific makeup brushes I use to “put my face on” every day. So that’s exactly what I’m gonna do today!


Starting from the top, we have the Sephora Classic Must Have Foundation Brush #10. I use this to apply my Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous Foundation, which is a cream-to-powder formula. I love how this flat-headed brush makes it go on so seamlessly.

Like I have mentioned before, I love to put a thin layer of powder on top of my foundation just to seal everything in. To do the job, I use the Sephora Mineral Foundation Brush. (I was unable to find the exact brush on the website, so here is one like it.) Although it is specifically made for applying mineral foundation, I just use it for regular powder. I love how densely packed the bristles are; this insures even and smooth coverage! Plus, the bristles are super soft! And I apologize for the teeth marks at the base of the brush–that’s what happens when your teething puppy gets ahold of it! 🙂

To apply bronzer, I use the Real Techniques Powder Brush. I just got this over Christmas, and I’m already in love with it…and who would have thought it just cost $10?! The quality is so great that I was surprised by the tiny price. This brush enables my bronzer to go on flawlessly. It looks as if it was airbrushed on! I already know that I will be purchasing more from this brand in the future.

Eco Tools is another fabulous brand that I highly recommend if you’re looking for top-quality makeup brushes on a budget. I use their Bamboo Blush Brush. The dome-shaped point that the bristles have make it easy to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. Once again, the bristles are super soft!

To apply powder highlighter, I use the Laura Geller Baked Angled Stippling Brush. Because this brush is angled, it makes it super easy to apply any finishing powder. Unlike the brushes I have mentioned above, this one has less dense bristles. Instead, they have more of a feather light texture, which is perfect for applying highlighter. After all, you don’t want your highlighter to be as strong as your  blush, but you do want it to help accentuate it. This brush is perfect for the job!

The Laura Geller Double Ended Shadow/Foam Brush is one of my favorites in my collection because it is like having two brushes in one. If you have ever purchased any pressed eyeshadow, you know that it comes with a tiny foam-ended brush. Although they are handy, they are also small, which makes them hard to grip when you’re trying to apply eyeshadow. Well, the problem is solved with this one tool! The foam end is on a much longer handle, so gripping it is easy-peasy. No more struggling! And, the soft, angled end makes it simple to apply shadow in your crease.

I am blessed to have very bold, thick brows. Although I love them, they can also be unruly at times, so I have to keep a brush handy to manage them. Mine is from I-On Beauty. I brush them each day before I put on my brow gel! This brush is also handy for combing out clumps in your lashes. My flat eyeshadow brush is also from the brand. I mainly use it to help apply and blend cream eyeshadow!

I don’t have it pictured, but I will add that I wash my brushes about every couple of weeks with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. It works just as well as any high-end wash and keeps the bristles very soft. It is important to keep your brushes clean not only to prevent product buildup in them, but to also make sure that they won’t break you out! 🙂 Plus, a single bottle of this stuff will last AGES.

So there ya have it, a look at my makeup brush collection! I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Have a fabulous day!



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