My favorite things: December edition!

Hello friends!

Happy first day of December! I have just returned from Thanksgiving break. It’s so hard to believe that we are gearing up for Christmas…I feel like we just started 2014. Time flies by so fast, it’s hard to keep track. Sometimes I catch myself still writing 2013 as the date…goodness. Anyway, I’m here today to write about my favorite things for December. It’s a mix of movies, music and of course makeup that I think you would all enjoy. Let’s get started!

1.) Merry Christmas by Mariah Carey

photo credit: YouTube

photo credit: YouTube

What would the holiday season be without some good ole Christmas music? My all-time favorite album is Mariah Carey’s classic 1994 release. Her rendition of O Holy Night still gives me chills and I’ve heard it for 13 years. Sometimes, I listen to it twice in a row. It’s that good. Other highlights on the album? All I Want for Christmas is You, Jesus Oh What a Wonderful Child and Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). Those are just my favorites, but the whole album is superb. Get it today! It will become one of your essentials.

2.) Movies with Messages 

photo 2

There’s nothing more comforting than curling up with a warm blanket on a cold day and watching a good movie.  I would say that The Fault in Our Stars is my favorite movie right now. I think it’s one of those films that everyone needs to see. Why, you ask? For those of you who haven’t seen it, you may think that it’s just another sappy teen love story that involves cancer (that’s what I thought at first, too!) Yes, two people do fall in love. But there’s more to the story than just that. I think the film has another message: You don’t have to do extraordinary things to have an impact on another’s life. You can help them just by being yourself. That’s what I got from it. With that being said, the actors are great, and the music is cool too! And don’t forget to have tissues handy! 🙂

Up next, we have The Giver. I read the book in eighth grade, and it has been one of my favorites since then. I was eager to see the movie, and I was not disappointed. It’s about a boy named Jonas who lives in a world where there is sameness. There are no feelings, emotions or anything that could cause conflict. Anyway, he gets this job where he becomes the “receiver” of all the memories of the past world, and comes to realize that his world is missing out on all these different emotions. I won’t give anything more away, but it’s definitely worth watching! The cinematography is beautiful, and it really makes you think about life’s values.

About Time is just an all-around sweet movie. There are many things I like about it! Rachel McAdams is in it, it takes place in England (one of my favorite places) and the storyline is intriguing. It’s about a man who discovers that he can travel through time. The whole movie is just about how he manages his gift and different ways that he uses it. But underneath that, it also has a good message about life. I recommend it!

3.) Beauty

         photo 3

photo 4

Last but not least, here are my beauty picks for this month. First off, we have Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hour Lipstick in Ceaseless Caramel. I bought this over the break and really love it! I would describe it as a warm caramel color with a berry-gold undertone. (There’s a swatch of it above!) Very pretty and flattering for anyone with medium toned skin. Despite the claim that it lasts 14 hours, I find this to be untrue. It IS longer lasting than a typical lipstick, but it doesn’t stay on for THAT long. It’ll last through a meal or two, though! I recommend applying to clean lips so the color will adhere better. It goes on smoothly and has a slightly adhesive texture, but I don’t find it to be sticky.

Wonderstruck Taylor Swift is my other go-to fall fragrance in addition to Givenchy Hot Couture. This stuff smells like HEAVEN also. I would describe it as having a vanilla base with notes of fruitiness, like raspberries and blueberries, with just a hint of spice at the end. The differences between Wonderstuck and Hot Couture is that Wonderstruck is more fruity and rich, while Hot Couture has more of a candy smell with a bit more spice. Nonetheless, both smell delicious and I love them!

So there ya have it, my favorite things for December. Hope you enjoy these products as much as I do! Have a fabulous day!



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