Chic yet cheap…black to basics

Hello, Friends!

Wow! Can’t believe it’s already March. Time is flying. Usually, by this time of year, we are all wanting to break out our shorts and tank tops. But that’s not the case here in Nashville. Talk about some crazy weather: Yesterday, it truly felt like spring; the sun was shining, birds were chirping, and people were hanging out outside. But this morning, we all got a rude awakening when it was around 50 degrees. YIKES! Nonetheless, I thought I would share one of my favorite outfits to wear during this (ongoing) cold weather.

I think we could all agree that black is such a classic color. It goes with anything, and there are multiple ways to accessorize with it! This is one of my favorite outfits because it mixes prints (sequins and polka dots) but doesn’t look too mismatched or crazy. Best of all, it keeps you warm on a cold day.  Let’s get started:


Merona Women’s Ultimate Long Sleeve Scoop Tee, $7 There is nothing more basic and classy than a black, long sleeve T-Shirt. I have about three in my entire wardrobe! Like I said before, black is such a versatile color. It is good to stock up on them, especially for the cold months!

Delia’s Checkered Sequined Bow Muscle Tank, $5 I was shopping on the Delia’s website a couple months ago and needed something cheap in my basket to qualify for free shipping. I came across this little gem! Even though it is a muscle tank and is clearly not appropriate to wear alone during freezing weather, I thought it would look super cute over my black long sleeve tee. And I was right! If you know me, you know that I absolutely LOVE anything with bows, so this was a no-brainer! Unfortunately, I was going to provide the link to it, but it turns out that Delia’s no longer sells this item. Lucky for you, I found a similar version on their website. It’s not a muscle tee, but it would still look great with this outfit!

Xhilleration Grey Polka Dot Leggings, $10 Sometime after Christmas, my mom and I were shopping around at Target and found these adorable polka dot leggings on sale! I love them because they are very warm and thick but still comfy to wear. Again, I could not find this exact pair online, but I found a similar pair here!

If you want to make this  outfit even more classy, I would recommend wearing a nice cat-eye and light pink lip! I also chose to wear my go-to pearl earrings! It will help bring personality to the black and white color scheme.

Hope you will enjoy this outfit as much as I do!

What are some of your favorite patterns to wear this season?

Have a fabulous day!



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