Chic yet cheap…flower power!

Hello, friends!

It feels so good to finally be blogging again. I have been so busy with school work that I haven’t had time to write!

This week, I decided to shake things up a bit and write about fashion; I haven’t done a fashion post since the fall!

The weather in Nashville has been weird lately. It’ll be rainy and cold for a couple days, and quite warm and pleasant on the others. The warmth has really inspired me to break out my spring attire. It’s so fun to take a break from heavy winter sweaters and wear light, breezy cardigans instead.

If you’ve checked out any fashion magazines lately, you know that floral prints are really “in.” I just love florals; they’re bright, spring-y and just scream happiness. Some of you may be a little intimidated by this pattern; if you go overboard, you can end up looking like you’re wearing your bathroom’s wallpaper pattern. But have no fear! I have selected the perfect floral outfit to wear on a warm spring day. Best of all, it’s super affordable! Here we go:


Old Navy Women’s Button-Front V-Neck Cardi, $15 I’ll be honest — the cardigan that I’m wearing in the picture is about four years old; my mom bought it at Target and then gave it to me. It is the cutest; it has shiny, vintage-y buttons with flowers sewn on the side! The problem is, I couldn’t find it online…boo! Luckily, I found this sweater on the Old Navy website that is similar. It may not have the cute flower detail,  but you can add a cute statement necklace like this one to help glam it up!

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Floral Leggings, $12 is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of leggings. Let’s face it…they are WAY more comfortable than normal pants. Since my legs are really spastic at times, leggings are really easy to just pull on and go! These floral leggings are my favorite: I love the soft pastel colors and the unique design. I’ve found that once I wash them a couple times, the fabric becomes really soft, light and comfortable. They feel like your favorite pair of pajama pants! Score!

Since we are on the subject of florals, I thought I might as well mention one of my favorite perfumes for spring — Marc Jacobs Daisy. I have worn this scent since 9th grade and still love it! It smells just like fresh daisies and is very youthful. Daisy is for sure becoming a classic!

So there you have it..the perfect outfit to start off spring! This outfit is fun, cheery, and best of all…it won’t shrink your wallet.

What is your favorite color to wear for spring?

Have a fabulous day!



One thought on “Chic yet cheap…flower power!

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    Great outfit and love the florals! My favorite colors for spring are definitely pastels – mint green, sky blue, and white and pale pink.

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