Three fabulous lip colors for fall


Hello, all! I hope everyone is staying warm on this chilly day! I have just returned from Thanksgiving Break. It was so relaxing just resting at home and eating some good southern, home-cooked meals, and I loved spending time with my family. Hope you all are enjoying the holidays with your loved ones as well! Anyway, lets get on with this week’s blog post…

Aside from mascara, lip color is my favorite beauty product. There are so many different varieties and finishes to try! You can go with a bright, bold look or go more natural. There are also lipsticks, glosses, stains and balms. You can get so creative; the possibilities are endless! For this post, I have selected three lip colors that look great for this season!

MAC Lipstick in Twig, $15 MAC Lipsticks are one of my favorite brands! I love everything about them: they smell delicious and they feel so good on your lips. Best of all, they aren’t too expensive! I own a couple of their lipsticks, but this is my favorite one. Twig is a pinky nude with just a touch of red. It also has a smooth, matte finish. This shade is so wearable because it looks a lot like your natural lip color but just a shade or so darker. You could wear it any time of year!

NARS Lipstick in Fire Down Below, $26 This shade is a little bit more dramatic than Twig. It’s a dark red color with just a hint of orange. It also has a matte finish. I like to save this lipstick to wear during the colder months; any other time of year is a little bit too dramatic to wear for spring and summer. This lipstick would look great paired with a nice cat-eye. And best of all, it is just perfect for holiday parties!

Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie, $7.50 Unlike the other two lip colors I’ve talked about, this one isn’t a lipstick and doesn’t have a matte finish. I love this because of the gorgeous raspberry color. If you’re not a fan of wearing deeper, dramatic colors for fall, I would try this one. The finish is smooth with just the right amount of shine! Although it is on the darker side, it still has the prettiest pink shade that works for every skin color. As a bonus, it also doubles as a great blush as well! I love to apply a small amount to my cheeks to achieve a dewy, fresh flush.

I would like to add that I love to layer EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm under my lipstick. It leaves your lips so supple and hydrated without changing the finish of your  lipstick. These lip balms are also organic and taste delicious!

So there ya have it, three chic and classy lip colors to wear for fall…or anytime you would like! I hope you will enjoy these products as much as I  have!

Have a fabulous day!




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