Get glowing with these beauty products!

Hello, all! I hope everyone is enjoying their day today. I am staying busy with all my schoolwork, but there is so much to enjoy these days: the turning colors of the trees, cozy fall sweaters, tasty seasonal lattes and especially the anticipation of the holidays. On my last beauty post, I talked about how to wear bright pops of color. This week, I wanted to do something different; playing with color is fun, but what about the days when you want to achieve a more natural, down-to-earth look? Well, you’re in luck…I have the perfect products for that! Here they are:


MAC Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul, $25 About three years ago, I owned a blush by a different brand that almost looked identical to this one. I used it till every drop was gone. When I went to the store to restock, I was devastated when I could no longer find it! 😦 I thought I would never find a shade like it again. However, hope was restored when I spotted this blush online and immediately bought it. This blush is perfect for fall: it is a soft pink shade mixed with a little bit of peach and just a touch of gold shimmer.  This blush will definitely bring out your natural radiance, giving you a warm glow. Just apply to the apples of your cheeks!


NARS Lipstick in Cruising, $26 Due to my beige skin tone, wearing traditional nude lipsticks don’t do much for me; they wash me out terribly! I had always had trouble finding the right nude lipstick, but a few weeks ago I stumbled across this one! This is the PERFECT lipstick. It is a soft nude pink, meaning it gives you a little bit of pink color but is still on the natural side. It also has a tiny bit of a gold shimmer, giving your complexion some nice dimension. Best of all, this lipstick glides on so smoothly that you won’t even need a mirror. I noticed that the Warm Soul blush and this lipstick look very similar in color, so they would make the perfect pair!


Benefit Cosmetics Instant Brow Pencil in Deep, $20 One of the simplest ways to enhance your natural beauty is to define your brows! I have been blessed with having naturally dark and thick brows, but I still love to define them to make them appear  bold. How do I achieve this look? It’s super-easy: Apply this brow pencil (I like one that is a shade darker than my brow color) onto lighter or sparse areas. Afterward, use the spool to blend it out! But be careful, only do light, delicate strokes with the pencil. You don’t want brows that look too “drawn on”!

Benefit Cosmetics High Brow, $20 After you’ve finished defining your brows, you want to add a little highlight to finish the look! This light pink pencil does just that. Apply under the arch of your brow and gently blend with your finger. You can also use this versatile pencil on the inner corners of your eyes or even on your cupid’s bow to add a soft glow to your entire face!


I hope you use these products to give your skin some elegant radiance during the cold months. After all, glowing skin isn’t just for summer!

Which products are you most excited about?

Have a fabulous day!



5 thoughts on “Get glowing with these beauty products!

    • lyndilocke says:

      Yes. it is a soft, slightly chubby pencil! It doesn’t snag on my skin, but I sharpen it every couple of uses just to make sure it won’t. Sharpening it also gives you more control when applying!

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