Chic yet cheap…part two!

Hello, all!

This week I am continuing my fashion posts, where I put together a trendy fall outfit for an affordable price. When I was visiting my hometown a couple weeks ago, I went to Old Navy to check out their sweaters, my favorite thing to shop for in the fall! It’s still a little warm to start wearing them, but I thought I would get an early start to be ready for the cold weather.  Here’s what I picked:


Women’s Graphic Crew Neck Sweater, $22 Graphic sweaters are really “in” this season! I spotted this sweater a month or two ago in a magazine and HAD to have it. The fox is just adorable, and I love the pink contrast the glasses offer on the tan sweater. The material very light and breathable but will keep you warm at the same time. It almost feels like wearing your favorite T-shirt! If you want to “dress it up” a little more, I would recommend wearing a colored button-down shirt under the sweater. It adds an extra pop of color!

afterlight-5         afterlight-6

(The dots were a little hard to photograph since each one is made up of smaller dots, but I tried my best to show you the detail).

Women’s The Diva Skinny-Ankle Pants, $32.50 I absolutely love these pants! Once again, the hot pink color compliments the glasses on the sweater.  Also, the polka dots on the pants add a cute detail! The material is awesome; it is stretchy and flexible. These pants are durable; you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have nice quality. Most importantly, they are very comfortable despite the “skinny” fit! Most fall garments have deeper tones, so these are definitely a nice change.


Flower Earrings, $7 You know me–I love to accessorize my outfit with a fun pair of earrings! These scream “expensive,” so it surprised me that they were under $10. I love the vintage look along with the soft colors of the flower. You can wear these with anything to add personality!


There you have it–another cute fall outfit that didn’t break the bank! Tune in next week for more stylish and savvy bargains!

What article of clothing do you enjoy shopping for the most in the fall?

Have a fabulous day!



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