Chic yet cheap…part one!

Hello, all! So here it is…my first blog post! This blog is all about different ways to be stylish and savvy without spending a ton of money. I plan to use this blog to share with you both fashion and beauty bargains that I find.

When you think about fashion and school, they don’t really mix. Most people (including me) would rather hit the “snooze” button on the alarm clock instead of getting out of bed early to put on a cute outfit. However, a couple of weeks ago, I shopped at  Forever 21 to find some fall clothes that are trendy yet basic enough to wear to class. The best part? All pieces are affordable! Here are the details:


Taupe & Black Cardigan, $19.80 This cardigan is one of those classic pieces that will most likely work with any fall outfit. The material is my favorite part–it almost feels exactly like expensive, luxurious cashmere but is a fraction of the cost! Also, I decided to buy a size bigger than what I normally wear just because I wanted a more relaxed fit. This cardigan would look great on anyone!

White Tank, approx. $8 I paired the cardigan with a simple white racerback tank that I bought at Target a couple of years ago. To be honest, I can’t remember the exact cost, but it was somewhere around $8.

Leopard Leggings, $14.80 For the past couple of years, leopard print has been super popular! When I first saw these leggings, I thought they would be too bold to wear to class, but as long as they are paired with something subtle, like the cardigan, they should remain basic enough to wear to class on a fall day.

Bow Earrings, approx. $4: These earrings added some flair to the outfit! Again, I purchased them about two years ago, so I’m not sure of the exact cost.  Adding a fun pair of earrings can add a little something extra to any outfit!

GRAND TOTAL, approx. $46.60


There you have it…a fashionable fall outfit that didn’t break the bank! Tune in next week when I reveal even more fashion and beauty bargains!

What do you think are the most popular trends for this fall?

Have a fabulous day!



3 thoughts on “Chic yet cheap…part one!

  1. toddlamberth says:

    Being able to buy anything cheap is great. As a guy, I do my share of shopping, while most of mine is online, and I find myself running low on funds. With the price of books and everything else college students have to buy, get quality for better products is always nice.

  2. amycallis says:

    Love the outfit and love the idea for your blog! Your outfit is both current and classic. Very refreshing to see this idea instead of the”less is more” outfits we are seeing many of your contemporaries wearing! Keep the great ideas coming!

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